SPriNg iS hERe ^_^

Spring is here! The cherry blossoms on my street have gone into full bloom overnight. At least I think they're cherry blossoms. Or they're blossoms of some kind. You can see I've obviously got a green thumb. They literally just sprung up overnight, it was still dry and bald looking one day and the next morning I was like "Woah, what is this!?". Nevertheless they're pretty to look at and a nice sight to come home to...if I manage to get home in daylight that is.

Today I decided I wanted to leave work at 5pm on the dot. So I did. It was a bright and sunny day, and I didn't even get to take a lunchtime stroll, so I figured I deserved to leave work on time.

Anyway, I got home and realised I actually had time to cook dinner (as opposed to heating up leftovers in the microwave), so I decided to make zucchini fritters. The reason for zucchini fritters was more because I had a wilting zucchini in my fridge that I didn't want to go rotten. It was already looking kind of wrinkled and black at one end. I originally bought two zucchini to make roast vegies, but in the end only used up one. With only one zucchini left, and no other roasting vegies to go with it, I was at a loss about what to do with this extra zucchini. Thank goodness for Google. How ever did we live before Google came along?! Out of all the recipes for zucchini I've found, only the fritter required ingredients I actually had in the house. Even so I had to skip the parsley because I don't normally buy herbs. And the recipe called for Feta cheese, which I again don't normally have in the house, so I figured cheddar cheese was just as good. After some "slight" modifications, the end results was this.

It suddenly dawned on me while I was mixing the ingredients that fritters are really just like the western version of the okonomiyaki. Instead of having cabbage and meat you fill it up with artery-clogging cheese, lots of eggs and random leftover vegetables. Anyway, the end result was quite nice, despite my personal adjustments. Afterall anything with melted cheese can't taste that bad.

Anyways, that's me for today. I hope the weather stays good for another couple of days so that I can take my lunchtime walk. I really need to get out of the office and exercise. Especially after eating greasy fritters laden with melted cheese......mmm...melted cheese...*drools*

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Cecylia said...

Yum!! I'm reading about your blog as I wait for dinner s the zucchini fritters look extra tasty!
I know what you mean about the sakuras. We got back home after 3 weeks of not being home and found our neighbor's cherry blossom tree extending over the fence welcoming out return. I don't remember seeing that tree last year...

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