Let there be internet

I have internet access! \^o^/ Well, it wasn't like I didn't before, but surfing in the privacy of one's home is so much different than surfing at work. For one, it felt highly inappropriate to blog and go through my Google Reader whilst being paid for it. Email I can sort of excuse myself, seeing as a large portion of internal communications occur through email. But I doubt I'd be able to provide a credible reason why I'm on Google Reader should my supervisor decide to ask.

So being on my frugal living principles, I outright refused to pay for Telstra's outrageous prices for ADSL2+, which is pretty much the only provider here that does provide ADSL. All other companies provide only ADSL. Guess I should be grateful I could get some form of broadband at all. Where my friend was living, they could only get dial-up, which was about half the speed of normal dial-up for some reason. I think there's much to be worked on for Australia's broadband infrastructure.

Last weekend my friend came up for a visit, and she brought up a modem for me. On Tuesday I registered for ADSL. On Thursday I got the confirmation email saying my line is active. Thursday night I came home and there was ADSL signal. I thought I was up for a bit of tech-support tackling, but lo and behold, the line became active automatically on Friday night. Yipee! No need for frustrating and pointless phone calls to the tech support.

Sure the connection is slow (max download was at 232.3kbps), but it's defintely better than no internet at all. Plus I have infinite patience when it comes to slow internet connections. This is the girl who would wait 4 days for an episode of BLEACH to download on dial-up. =P Compared to the patience required for dial-up, this is nothing.

So expect to see more frequent blog updates for the next couple of weeks, till the novelty of living on one's own wears off, and I run out of things to blog about.

Yesterday when I came home, one of the neighbours told me that lady next door has a boyfriend who just got released from jail. So I might start hearing lots of racket and loud music. Hmm...... When I moved in, the landlord told me that my neighbours were "single mother with kid, single mother with kid, and young couple". I guess being an ex-criminal doesn't automatically make you a dangerous person. I remember one of the owners we had at the last work place was just released from jail, and he was actually a very nice person. Shouldn't form prejudices I guess.

I made stir-fried noodles for dinner.


It was a big plateful. That's what happens when you guesstimate and make up your own recipes. At least it wasn't burnt, or over-seasoned, like the dishes I made when I first started cooking for myself. But that's a story for another time.

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