The leaning tower of pancakes

Sunday morning is pancake morning. Well, not really. Last Sunday when my friend came up we thought we'd make something special for breakfast. So we made pancakes. My favourite pancake recipe called for buttermilk, and the smallest package I could get was a 500ml carton. So inevitably I had heaps of buttermilk left. Unfortunately buttermilk isn't really good for much else other than pancakes. I can only recall two other recipes off the top of my head which requires buttermilk, and neither of which I really want to cook (requires too much effort).

So instead of wasting the remaining buttermilk, I made another batch of pancakes this morning. I figured I can always freeze the extras and have them for breakfast during the week (says the queen of frozen food =P).

Behold, my leaning tower of pancakes.

The last pancake was the biggest, so it became the leaning tower of pancakes - with a hood! lol


Cecylia said...

Lovely Pancakes GG!! I'm glad that you're not starving to death by yourself =P
miss you heaps


Dana said...

Haha, I'm totally like that too when I'm living by myself. Most of my stuff ended up in the freezer; I lived out of my freezer.

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