The eagle has landed......like a month ago

Gee how time flies. Feels like I just moved here yesterday, but I've been here for nearly 4 weeks. This blog post probably should've happened a while ago, but I was wrestling with my office computer. I could swear that last time I opened up blogger, ready to post my arrival post, the computer refused to load blogger properly, but today it's fine. Maybe the computer hates me for taking it away from it's previous owner (who's office table I've also taken over, hope they don't hold a grudge and just suddenly collapse on me one day).

So anyway, after much stress and organising, I finally managed to find a place to live (see left - it's the front of the place, with a shared garden area with the other units). It's not in the best part of town, but probably not the worst either. It's like a small townhouse/unit, 2 bedrooms with a small garden out the back. Luckily the landlord does the gardening, coz else I would've killed their plants within the week.

The roof doesn't leak, which is a bit of a bonus (although according to the locals, it's so dry here that even if it was leaking, it wouldn't have made a difference). The place is not new, so it comes with that which you'd expect with an oldish house - leaking taps, weird lighting, musty smell. I'm slowly working on the musty smell.

According to the landlord the previous tenant trashed the place, so they had to change the carpet and repaint the place (that explains the red front porch). Unfortunately it also meant that that airconditioning that was upstairs is also gone. When it gets to summer I'm hoping I'll probably be migrating downstairs to sleep.

There's very little furniture in the place. Considering the cost of the move, I was being a little frugal. Afterall, it'll be only me, myself and I (apart from occasional visits from Melbourne), how much luxury do I really need? So I have a bed (which I bought up from Melbourne), and a make-shift "desk" in the bedroom.

Yes, it's a pile of boxes stacked up like lego to form a desk.

You think that's bad, this is my first attempt.

Talk about totally frugal living, eh?! Anyway, my parents are coming up this weekend, and they're bringing a desk, so after this weekend, I won't have to sit Japanese style and end up with very very numb legs (probably not good for the circulation either).

The drive up was suprisingly relaxing. Having never driven much myself, I really enjoyed the 5 hour drive up. Didn't scratch the car nor bump into anything. Then when we finally got into town, on the way out of the motel driveway I rammed into the bush on the side and badly scratched my car. T_T

Anyway, I'm slowly getting used to the town and living on my own. Living away from home is so overrated. The freedom is so not worth the extra time spent cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping for groceries. Who would've thought they took up so much time?? Especially the cooking. Whereas at home mum could easily have dinner with 2 dishes and soup on the table within an hour, it takes me like an hour just to stir fry the vegetables. What do I use all that time on you ask? I don't know! It just seems to be time consuming. So I've given up on the idea of 2 dishes a soup. I'm happy to have something just to go with the rice. Man am I looking forward to my parents' visit this weekend. No cooking = happiness.

Well, I'd better get back and actually do some work now. Now that I know I can blog here, I'll probably be spending much time ranting about my life away from home. =P Toodles!

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