Flying Solo? *pfft* This is so much more

Well, I thought is was about time I posted another update, before I'm high and dry with no internet access.

Note profile change *points left*. Yes, currently NO LONGER employed to save the lives of fluffy little cuddle pots. By choice mind you, not because of this economic recession that's looming over our heads.

My last post over 2 months ago was about me driving solo for 3 weeks. Well I obviously made it without any hazardous collisions. I was all proud when I handed back the car to my Dad without a single scratch. Yay me. Although now the windscreen has a giant chip on it, but that's a totally different story for later posts.

So I thought at the time that was going to be my solo/independent stint for a while. Boy was I wrong.

In about a week's time, I'll not only be driving myself, but also living by myself, cooking for myself, washing my own clothes and making sure my living environment will not become a pig sty.

Yes I am moving out of home. To a completely different state. To a town in the middle of nowhere, one that's not even somewhere you'd bypass on the way between the capital cities.

When I first found out 3 weeks ago, it didn't seem real. Then when things sort of sank in, all that was looping in my head was "OMG what am I doing? OMG what am I doing?". Then it sort of went into this panic mode of "OMG I don't have a car, I don't have anywhere to live, I don't even know really how to cook properly!" The one time I lived by myself for work experience in Shepparton, I survived on porridge for breakfast, tuna sandwiches for lunch, and canned fish+rice for dinner. It was a lot of fish. And I'm sure that's not really a viable way to survive long term.

I guess when there's a bunch of stuff to do, you can only really tackle them one at a time.

So I started with living arrangements. Finding decent accomodation is so much more difficult than how I envisioned it to be. For one thing, the distance limits us from making daily trips to inspect a place when it suits the realestate agents. So when we could finally rock up to the town, either the places we were interested in was let, or the realesated agent couldn't let us see on the day. Also a lot of the times the places differ quite dramatically to what's seen on the photos.

So in regards to the accomodation, currently I'm still homeless. With only 1 week to go, the panic button's definitely firing off in that area. However, my supervisor said if need be, they can always find me temporary accomodation. I really hate to trouble people this way but at least that safety net is still there. Failing that, there's always motels.

At least the car is settled. I didn't want a brand new car, seeing as I'd likely drive long distances and depreciate it much faster. But I didn't want a totally old car that's likely to break down on me and leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere on a country road where I'd get attacked by wombats (or something more ferocious). In the end I settled for a 2007 Toyota Corolla. My family has this big customer loyalty to Toyota cars, simply because the ones we've had always stood by us and served us well.

When hunting around for second hand Corollas, I noticed that there were heaps more hatchbacks than sedans. I'd originally wanted a hatchback, because I like the rearwindow screenwipers. But then I realised that the luggage space is pretty limited, and seeing as I'll be relying on my car to transport my junk to my new place, I'd probably be better off settling for a sedan.

Nehoos, long story short (it's already been a pretty long story), I bought the first sedan with a colour that I didn't mind. Today we went and picked it up. It was an ex-rental car, so it's done some miles. Plus it's got these tiny scratches on the front bumper from flying stones. The dealer did some touch-up work on it, but it was pretty shoddy. Oh well, at least it drives. Plus if it looks a little delapidated, maybe it'll attract less attention when someone's looking for a car to steal or window to smash lol.

After deciding on the car, I went hunting around for car insurance, and OMG I never realised being on your P-plates and having less driving experience makes such a massive difference to the insurance premium. All the quotes I got were over $1000!! O_O Stupid insurance, they'd better be worth it. On a plus side though, apparently my premium is reduced by like $300 if I lived in my whoop-whoop town in the middle of nowhere as compared to here. lol I guess there is a benefit to me moving afterall (apart from the job of course).

So in conclusion, the one important thing I've learnt about moving out of home is that it makes you bleed money like you've severed an artery. There's still the accomodation, afterwards setting up a new home (e.g. fridge, microwave and washing machine etc). It's definitely going to take a year's worth of savings for this move, if not more. *sigh* It is so much more easier to use money than to make it, I've only truely come to appreciate this fact now...

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