Flying Solo

For the next 3 weeks I will be driving myself around. Not that big a deal eh, says many. But for those of you who know something about me, I have had the luxury of being driven around by other people pretty much since I've been in Australia. Usually it's by my dad, sometimes friends of mine that I can leach a ride from, and of course, the good people of the public transport system. I've always used the excuse that our family only has one car to avoid having to drive myself. Secretly I enjoy blanking out during a ride whilst someone else takes care of the stresses of the road. A close friend of mine has been nagging me to drive more ever since I got my P-plates, and I've always just nonchalantly replied "if I have to, I will". And so, now I have to.

The first trip is always frought with tension. And it didn't help that the first solo trip was on a high speed freeway coming home from the airport. A lot of internal screaming was involved.

Firstly I have officially confirmed that I have a poor sense of direction, as well as the inability to interpret road signs whilst under high tension. Coming home from the airport on the Tullamarine fwy, for some reason I thought I was on, and meant to continue on the Hume. So lo and behold, I took the Hume turn off and found myself driving away from the city instead of towards. So after many missed heart beats and a short period of internal screaming, I managed to rectify the situation with a massive u-turn at the next exit, and got safely back on the right path.

Then there were the lane changes. I'm good when cars are more than 50 meters behind me, but any closer and I just panic. So when nearing my exit (this time the correct one), I found I had to suddenly change lanes to get to the exit. Stupid sudden insert of extra lanes near my exit. So I did the right thing, looked in the rear view mirror, did my head check and pulled to my left. But somehow I must've misjudged how fast the car behind me was coming, because next thing I knew there was some very loud and angry honking behind me. Oops. Sorry to the person I suddenly cut in front of on the Tulla. Hopefully it'll be the only near miss I'll have during these 3 weeks.

I've only been driving solo for 6 hours and already I hate it.

I have a doctors appointment this afternoon. I think I'll take the bus...

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