Updating time...

I'm happy. Yes, it's such a rare event that I have to blog about it.


Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration. But I am in an awfully good mood, and the reason is I've got this weekend off work! It may sound like a trivial thing to be happy over, but the amount of effort taken to achieve this makes it feel like some major life achievement. Due to some sudden last minute change of plans on my friend's behalf, I wasn't able to give work the 10 month "head's up I need a holiday" notice, therefore had to organise my own replacement or not be able to take the leave. When no one would say yes after a million sms messages and overuse of my wheedling voice, things were starting to look really grim. Yet surprisingly yesterday one guy (who I'd already asked and was quite reluctant) suddenly changed his mind! I'm not a strongly religious person, but someone up there definitely liked me yesterday.

I think I was bordering on needing a mini break anyway, which is why I insisted on taking both days off, even though I'm only meeting up with my friend on one evening. I didn't really have anything else planned for the mini break (btw, the reason why it's a mini break is because having this weekend off coupled with my normal off days around the weekend gives me 6 days off altogether!). Feel like I really want to do something, but organising the two days off has somehow drained all my imaginative resources. So I thought I'd update this long abadoned blog.

WORK Status quo. That's all I have to say about that.

BOOKS Managed to finish all seven books of The Chronicles of Narnia finally. The reason why I got started in it is because the second movie Prince Caspian is due to be released, and I didn't mind it judging from the preview. I wasn't really that thrilled about the first movie when it came out. The preview wasn't that interesting and the casting wasn't enough to entice me to actually watch the movie. When I read the series, The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe was also one of my least favourite out of the seven books. Considering it's one of the more popular book out the series, I was surprised. I enjoyed the style of writing employed by C.S. Lewis. I know it's aimed at young children, so it's meant to be easy reading. However despite it's simplicity the books were quite engaging. The last book was a bit strange though. The ending was slightly too outworldly for my liking.

ANIME Finished watching Rental Magica. Would never ever recommend anyone watch this series. So much cliche. So much facepalm moments that at the end of each episode my forehead smarts from the amount of facepalming. When you reach the climatic ending bit, when the guy says something emotional to convert the girl back to the good side, I was like "WTH?! Not only does what you've said not make sense, I cannot see how anyone could be swayed by lines like that to convert back to the good side." If anything I'd be tempted to proceed with the evil spell just so the guy would stop talking. Either I'm getting too cynical with old age, or anime these days just don't live up to their golden age standards.

The 2008 Spring Anime season has started in Japan. Which means brand new shows for people to debate and argue over. There were a few series out of the list which had taken my interest, but due to the download limit, I've settled to follow one series, called Special A. It's a light-hearted shoujo comedy which have been described to bear similarities to Ouran High Host Club. Two episodes into the season and so far it's been quite disappointing (to me at least). Nothing in the show has made me laugh out loud. No tear wrenching moments. The guy's obsession with the girl feels nauseating, and the girl's inability to see the guy's attention is cliched and borders on stupidity. The portrayed elitism feels like a failed attempt at emulating Ouran, and the onigiri joke (which is coming in the third episode) feels like a remake concept from Fruits Basket. The poor girl in a rich school of rich snobs again is similar to that in Hana Yori Dango. The main girl feels like a clash of concepts in herself. I don't really know how to explain it. It's like in one way they want to portray her as the girl who's excellent in everything (except cooking), but also make her stupid enough so the show can go on revolving around the anticipation of whether she'll ever figure out the guy she's competed against her whole life actually has a thing for her. Not to mention the way they describe how good these students are in studies/sports etc are just way overboard. To the point where it just feels non-realistic and ridiculous. In short, it's like a collection of ingredients that made series such as Ouran and Fruits Basket popular, but downsized to B-grade levels so not only does it not have it's own individuality, it's also crappier.

In my desperation to prove that I have not just picked up another dud show with many facepalm moments ahead of me, I went ahead and downloaded the 6 volumes of manga that have been scanlated so far. After reading about one and a half volumes, I sob with despair. I guess one can only live in the hope that time will prove me wrong.

Perhaps as I have said before, I am just getting more cynical with time. I'm sure at one point in my life, I would have enjoyed a show such as this. Perhaps I'd enjoy this show more if I've never watched the previous shows which were better. Afterall everything is relative. If I've never seen anything A-grade, I wouldn't know the difference between A and B grades anyway.

OTHER In other news, after much pottering and lurking at sites like overclockers.com.au, I've finally purchased an external hard drive. Despite my earlier aims I ended up just getting a 500Gb Mybook. Originally I was planning on getting a 750Gb or 1Tb drive, but then I figured with my current download limit, I'd probably never use up the entire disk anyway. I really only need it as a temporary park till I can burn the files off on a DVD. I have a strange thing about accumulating the whole show or enough of the show so I can burn the DVD once. I find that a DVD burnt in multisessions loses a lot of space for some reason. A friend mentioned the possibility that DVDs were never really designed to be burnt in multisessions. Who knows. So anyhoos, hopefully the drive won't die on me and wipe all my files. It was either the WD Mybook or Seagate Freeagent Pro. There were more user reviews mentioning FA pro with overheating problems than Mybook disk failing after a couple of months' use. So I took that as a sort of statistical indication.

Well, that's it for this update. Now I feel like baking. But there's not enough ingredients at home for me to bake anything, which means I have to go to the shops. Ponders......

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