Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations

Just finished watching episodes 1 and 2 of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations, which is the OVA of the TV series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. OMG the two short episodes had more material in it than the entire 2 seasons/52 episodes added together. I so can't wait for the third OVA to be released later this month. It's really got me back into Tsubasa. I was actually very very bored with the 2 TV season, to the point where I'd be watching the show and doing something else altogether, yet still manage to keep up with the plot. The only reason I kept up with the series is purely for the fact that it's work by CLAMP, and they don't have much going these days other than xxxHolic. The Tsubasa TV series itself was just about their travels through random worlds, and most stories are sort of stand alone. It keeps on setting mysteries (at a very slow pace), but never tries to explain, whereas Tokyo Revelations was probably designed more to explain some of the mysteries left behind by the TV series. Yay for Tokyo Revelations! I like mysteries only when they get solved. A mystery that drags out for 52 episodes without even getting anywhere near being solved tends to lose it's appeal.

Also started downloading Rental Magica, which I had been resisting in doing for a while. It was originally brought to my attention by one of my nurses, who said it had looked interesting. I read around a little, and the show wasn't that great to warrant my immediate downloading attention. However, I was bored and out of things to download (well, that's not strictly true, but for simplicity lets just say I've run out of things to download), so I though I'd give it a go. Watched the first episode, which was not as bad as I had anticipated. I mean a show with magic users, monsters and curses can never really be truely boring. There were moments of cliche, but at least there's more than one male in the show that has more than 5 second screen time. The female:male ratio is still fairly large though, so am a little weary about where show could go. Hopefully it won't be a waste of my download quota. Well, on to watch episode 2...

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