I feel jibed

I feel jibed. Of my monthly download quota. I had assumed the quota would date one month from when I first connected, which would have made it the 15th of this month. However, little did I know, that because this broadband deal couples with out home phone line statement, they changed the quota counting period to coincide with the phone payment period, hence shortening it by about 10 days. I HAD 4 GB OF QUOTA LEFT!! T_T If I had known it sooner, I'd have downloaded so much crap yesterday... stupid Telstra.

Nehoos, went out with friends for dinner and hot choc afterwards yesterday. Surprising considering the anti-social tendecies that usually grips my life. But I'm in a sociable mood, that and my star signs this week tells to me go out and socialise, as it may enlighten me in my future career path. Last night didn't really help, but I had fun. Afterwards ended up at a friend's place to fiddle with her newly acquired Wii. Played Super Mario Galaxy which was much fun. Again it reinforced the fact that I'm not made for coordination. It was hard enough for me to direct the actions of mario when the world was 2-D on my Super Nintendo. Imagine the trauma when everything expands into 3-D, and the world revolves around as you move. So so confusing for my senses. I can see how it can become really addictive though. Too bad it wasn't a weekend night yesterday, else would have considered all night gaming.

Speaking of game addictions, my latest craze would be Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I don't own a NDS, but managed to find an emulator that allows me to play the game on my laptop. X3 It's so addictive. Makes you want to solve puzzle after puzzle non-stop. Some are fairly straight forward but some really racks your brain. Or racks my brain at least. I suppose one of the reason why I'm so addicted to the game is because there're very few other games I can get properly working on the emulator (e.g. Nintendogs).

Speaking of my laptop, I THINK IT MAY BE DYING T___T. This morning when I turned it on, it gave a blue screen of death telling me it could not locate my hard drive. I was like O_O "What do you mean you can't locate my hard drive?" Luckily after rebooting, it started up okay again, but it's starting to get me worried. Time to start backing up things I think.

Well that's about it. Oh, finally finished watching Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, and now am in a semi-Suzumiya-Haruhi craze. By that I mean downloading all the music and random extra clips out there related to the series. Again, frsutrated that I didn't use up all of last "month"'s quota to finish downloading all the tracks. Note the use of " ". Stupid Telstra with their bizzare definition of a month.

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