No longer in the slow lane

After all these years of patiently waiting days for an episode of BLEACH to download, I'm finally moved on. Yes, I have graduated from the world of dial-up to the high speed information highway. Well, not high speed exactly. Everyone knowns in this land of the downunder, we're severely deprived of our fair share of high speed internet. Nevertheless, it's much MUCH faster than what I had previously.

I had half expected the whole thing not to go ahead today. Telstra has their infamous reputation for screwing up, and I was psyching myself up for a day on the phone engaged in a heated debate with an operator who's likely not even on the Australian soil. I got up at 7am (I had chosen the time frame of 7am-12pm, as I thought if the installer didn't come before noon, it'd give me sometime to call up Telstra before the weekend sets in), dressed, had breakfast, then laid down on the bed with a bood to await the guy who's going to install our cable. Lo and behold, just before 9am, I got a call on my mobile enquiring our home address. Within about 1 and 1/2 hour, the entire network's set up and running. It was way less dramatic than I had envisioned.

Strangely, after I had downloaded all the security updates etc, I found my self depleted of things to do. Usually I'd be on the net 24/7 because that's how long it takes to download the things I want. Now I've got my latest episodes of House and BLEACH, leaving me feeling strangely void. Although I guess this feeling probably won't last long, soon I'd be exceeding my monthly download quota in no time!

I suppose the only screw-up Telstra can do now is the billing (i.e. not working out the discounts as they're suppose to happen). But hey, at least I now have (relatively) high speed internet!

So does that mean one should be expecting more blog posts on this site? Probably not, as the motivation for writing only arises once in a blue moon.

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