Went and watched Jumper today. Was a bit of a last minute change, originally was planning to watch Sweeny Todd, and I wish we had watched Sweeny Todd instead.

My summary of the movie is: they took a really good concept and trashed it. The movie wasn't entirely crap, but in my limited amount of movie going experience, it definitely ranked on the lower end of the scale. The storyline lacked depth and was slightly scattered. For a moment there it looked like potentially there could be something going for it, but then the movie ended. Stupid Hollywood producers who believe in making sequels rather than making a decent single stand-alone movie. The main character was so stupid that it's hard to empathise or sympathise with him in any possible way. The effects were fair enough, although we were sitting too close to the screen and the action scenes sometimes moved too fast for my eyes to take in properly, hence ended up being just a bunch of motion blur, or random flashes of images that doesn't really connect together. That probably is just me and myself though, can't really blame it on the movie.

All in all, must say the trailer looked so much better than the movie. The concept was good, but there was so much room for improvement. If there ever was a sequel (which it appears likely to have, given the way the movie's carried out) I would definitely not want to watch the sequel.

On the plus side though, for dinner we went to a Sushi Train. It's my first time and the experience wasn't too bad, though tonight was special Tuesday deal, so they offered a limited variety of dishes, which just kept on repeating itself on the belt. After a while there was definitely a sense of deja vu going on. Dinner was followed by gelati, and I was content. Mmm green tea icecream~ (so much better than out home made effort, but that's another story...)

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