First 2008 Post

First 2008 post, in February. It's a good sign of frequent posting in the year to come. Not.

So another year older. Another year sadder. Guess it's one of the reasons why there hasn't been any posts lately. There's literally nothing to post apart from the usual depressing rants. Each day follows the pattern of: wake up -> get dressed -> eat -> get to work -> throw myself against the wall in an attempt to overcome the need to run far far away from work -> come home -> eat -> sleep. On days when I don't work, the throwing myself against the wall part is replaced with sitting in front of the computer trying to find a way to get out of my current situation, followed by despair. Even meeting up with friends to moan about our jobs no longer cheers me up. The more I contemplate about where I could go the more depressed I become, because I can't see a way out. Or more like I don't have the capacity to go anywhere else.

In other not so depressing news, I've sucessfully (with quite a bit of help from a close friend) reformatted my hard drive, and installed a network card in my old comp. The way is paved for broadband. All that remains is the signing up. I'm getting myself geared up in preparation to deal with Telstra. I can forsee the headache. Possibly more despair. *sighz*

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