Posting for the sake of posting

Today is the 29th of Feburary. It's a day that comes only once every 4 years, hence I wanted to post for the sake of posting on a day that doesn't come around too often. Ironically, that's really all I have to say for this post... what a waste of space.

A littel update on life:

1) The updated more speedy internet is not really as fast as I had hope it would be. But that has an upside in that it limits me downloading and exceeding the monthly quota too fast. It's also limiting my downloading by doing funny things with port forwarding. I guess if I could really be bothered, I could go through all those set up again, but I can't really be bothered. And like I said, these limitations are helping me curb my tendency to download just any crap.

2) Work is not so bad lately. Mainly because nothing has yet to die on me. Death always brings about a period of melancholy and questioning about my career choice. Having ungrateful demanding clients also brings about such periods of depression, but usually with more anger mixed within. Still I think I should be looking into a possible career change. I can't avoid death forever. Nor nasty clients.

3) I need a holiday, but my big dilemma is when to take it. Whilst I'm pondering on this issue, my chances of actually taking a break this year is slipping away. Holiday leave gets snapped up really quick at my workplace. I just think if I take any time off, I'd just be wasting the time by sleeping at home anywa. If I'm going to take a holiday, then I want to do something. But then, to do something means having to organise it. If it's an overseas trip, I'll have to factor in the parents. I'll feel bad if I leave them behind and go travelling myself. But if I take them along, it'll limit where we go, and who else I go with. It'll be really strange if I decided to take a trip to Japan with my friends and have my parents tag along as well. Decisions decisions. There's a world vet conference which is held in Dublin this year. It's one thing I like about being a vet. There's always conferences which are held throughout the year, that gives you a chance to travel, if your work allows it that is. That could be a possibility, as it means I could tour Europe. But then cost factors in as well. *sigh* I'm such a bum that it'll probably mean I'll waste another year away not taking any leave. Or I'll drop dead working. Who knows. 4) Currently watching Suzymiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. I realised I'm jumping on the crazy bandwagon a little late, but I can see how it would've triggered off a bit of mania back when it was at the peak of it form. It's a really bizzare series, where the episodes are not in chronological order, and every episode's some crazy occurence which on never turns out as normal as it starts off to be. It's one of those anime where you don't really have to think too deeply into things, but still enjoy the wackiness of it all without fully understanding what's happening. Am glad I used up 1/6 of my monthly download quota to acquire this series.

5) Have joined and started playing the ASX sharemarket game. It's free, so why not. You get to start with $50,000 with a limited list of companies you can buy shares from. The market prices actually follow the current market, so no one really is able to predict the outcome. Although many more people playing this game probably have a better idea of what they're doing than me. Currently I am holding less money than when I started the game a week ago. This can't bode well for my prospects in this game. Am I glad it's not actually my own money I'm playing with...

6) Have started reading The Stone Key, which is the long awaited fifth book of the Obernewtyn series. It's thick, heavy to carry around, and my biggest grudge against this book is that it's not hte last one of the series. I had actually went back and re-read the 4 books earlier in the series, and on first page of the second book it was distinctly stated that the chronicle is going to be a 5 book seires. She lies. Or it lies. Don't really know the gender of the person who wrote that little bit at the front of the book which briefs us on the author and her life. The book itself is actually quite good so far, and I'm grateful there are more books to come in this series which means I won't be going into a book drought hopefully anytime soon.

7) Am currently angry at this new desalination plant which has been scheduled to be build down in Wonthaggi. Mainly because it's robbing my friend and her family of their house and home. Literally. My friend's family owns a little dairy farm down in Wonthaggi, which had belonged to her grandfather before now. It's not a large farm, but it's their home. I've actually been lucky enough to stay with their family a couple of times and I love it! It's a beautiful place, maybe not to some, as it has a reputation for being wet and windy, but I loved it. It's also conveniently situated next to a relatively isolated beach, which literally sits at their backdoor. Earlier this month, the family suddenly received a notice saything that their property is needed for this new desalination plant, and they have till the end of the month to evacuate. Just like that, generations of work down the drain. Not to mention their newly built house as well. Now not only are they looking at possibly selling off their dairy herd, they're also looking at the prospect of not having a permanent home at the end of the year. Not to mention unemployment. The "compensation" they'll get for losing their home is going to be hardly enough for them to acquire another farm elsewhere. Land is expensive these days, and house prices for that matter. I'm just outraged that in this land and country, people can just lose their homes like that, without a second say in the issue. Apparently there's this law that permits the government to take one's home if it's required for building of public service facilities (e.g. freeways and such). The legal system is screwed. So my poor friend, it's not been a good time for her. First her job's getting her down (like me) and now this. Hopefully something will come right out of this schemozzle.

Well that's all for now. For someone who had nothing to say, I sure managed to write quite a bit. Now will waste away the rest of this once-every-4-year day doing nothing. Yay... *moves arms about lethargically*



Went and watched Jumper today. Was a bit of a last minute change, originally was planning to watch Sweeny Todd, and I wish we had watched Sweeny Todd instead.

My summary of the movie is: they took a really good concept and trashed it. The movie wasn't entirely crap, but in my limited amount of movie going experience, it definitely ranked on the lower end of the scale. The storyline lacked depth and was slightly scattered. For a moment there it looked like potentially there could be something going for it, but then the movie ended. Stupid Hollywood producers who believe in making sequels rather than making a decent single stand-alone movie. The main character was so stupid that it's hard to empathise or sympathise with him in any possible way. The effects were fair enough, although we were sitting too close to the screen and the action scenes sometimes moved too fast for my eyes to take in properly, hence ended up being just a bunch of motion blur, or random flashes of images that doesn't really connect together. That probably is just me and myself though, can't really blame it on the movie.

All in all, must say the trailer looked so much better than the movie. The concept was good, but there was so much room for improvement. If there ever was a sequel (which it appears likely to have, given the way the movie's carried out) I would definitely not want to watch the sequel.

On the plus side though, for dinner we went to a Sushi Train. It's my first time and the experience wasn't too bad, though tonight was special Tuesday deal, so they offered a limited variety of dishes, which just kept on repeating itself on the belt. After a while there was definitely a sense of deja vu going on. Dinner was followed by gelati, and I was content. Mmm green tea icecream~ (so much better than out home made effort, but that's another story...)


IT failure I am...

Was having a conversation with my friend the other night regarding my recently acquired fast internet. The issue of security came up, and so in a daring move I decided to dedicate this morning to configuring the modem so the network's secure.

It was definitely a disaster in the making. For one thing I didn't get up till noon. It has been ages since I've been able to sleep in like this. Anhoos, firstly I went through the manual on the installation CD, which went through the modem's function. Was okay initially but as more and more acronyms poured out, things started to get muddled up. WEP, WPA, MAC. Random words that didn't really clear up with the glossary explaination. Guess I'm not made for the IT business afterall. So I dived head in anyway, figured it may be simpler when I actually see the procedures in action. Which was true to start with, except after I fiddled with the security settings, my laptop no longer can connect via the wireless network.

In total panick, I reset all the options back to normal, rebooted the modem, but the connection refused to work. Worse still my laptop doesn't even ask me for a password anymore when trying to connect to the wireless connection, it just tries to connect for about 2 minutes, then closes the connecting dialogue box, and sits there. After about 2 hours of twiddling, I finally caved in and rang Telstra Technical Support (with head hanging in shame). Surprisingly the guy on the phone was quite helpful and we managed to get things sorted out. My esteem in Telstra is raising by the day (though am still anticipating the day I receive the bill, which will probably crush whatever little esteem I have and set it in the negative region). In the end I think the problem is in my panick to reset the modem, I didn't do it properly, which is why it kind of screwed up. Lesson for the day, do not attempt to fiddle with ones modem too much. Or better yet, just don't fiddle with anything...


No longer in the slow lane

After all these years of patiently waiting days for an episode of BLEACH to download, I'm finally moved on. Yes, I have graduated from the world of dial-up to the high speed information highway. Well, not high speed exactly. Everyone knowns in this land of the downunder, we're severely deprived of our fair share of high speed internet. Nevertheless, it's much MUCH faster than what I had previously.

I had half expected the whole thing not to go ahead today. Telstra has their infamous reputation for screwing up, and I was psyching myself up for a day on the phone engaged in a heated debate with an operator who's likely not even on the Australian soil. I got up at 7am (I had chosen the time frame of 7am-12pm, as I thought if the installer didn't come before noon, it'd give me sometime to call up Telstra before the weekend sets in), dressed, had breakfast, then laid down on the bed with a bood to await the guy who's going to install our cable. Lo and behold, just before 9am, I got a call on my mobile enquiring our home address. Within about 1 and 1/2 hour, the entire network's set up and running. It was way less dramatic than I had envisioned.

Strangely, after I had downloaded all the security updates etc, I found my self depleted of things to do. Usually I'd be on the net 24/7 because that's how long it takes to download the things I want. Now I've got my latest episodes of House and BLEACH, leaving me feeling strangely void. Although I guess this feeling probably won't last long, soon I'd be exceeding my monthly download quota in no time!

I suppose the only screw-up Telstra can do now is the billing (i.e. not working out the discounts as they're suppose to happen). But hey, at least I now have (relatively) high speed internet!

So does that mean one should be expecting more blog posts on this site? Probably not, as the motivation for writing only arises once in a blue moon.


First 2008 Post

First 2008 post, in February. It's a good sign of frequent posting in the year to come. Not.

So another year older. Another year sadder. Guess it's one of the reasons why there hasn't been any posts lately. There's literally nothing to post apart from the usual depressing rants. Each day follows the pattern of: wake up -> get dressed -> eat -> get to work -> throw myself against the wall in an attempt to overcome the need to run far far away from work -> come home -> eat -> sleep. On days when I don't work, the throwing myself against the wall part is replaced with sitting in front of the computer trying to find a way to get out of my current situation, followed by despair. Even meeting up with friends to moan about our jobs no longer cheers me up. The more I contemplate about where I could go the more depressed I become, because I can't see a way out. Or more like I don't have the capacity to go anywhere else.

In other not so depressing news, I've sucessfully (with quite a bit of help from a close friend) reformatted my hard drive, and installed a network card in my old comp. The way is paved for broadband. All that remains is the signing up. I'm getting myself geared up in preparation to deal with Telstra. I can forsee the headache. Possibly more despair. *sighz*

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