The life of a sloth

For the last two weeks or so, when I'm not working, I've been watching stuff incessantly. My eyeballs feel dry, and I feel like a sloth.

Gilmore Girls CastThe whole "sloth phase" started with the Gilmore Girls, which I had borrowed from the library. The fast talking is really really addictive. It's like watching Home and Away, but with more intelligence input. Watching the mother-daughter duo having movie night, with pizza and all sort of junk really further promoted my slothing behaviour.

Daria, with family and friend JaneNext it was Daria. A friend of a friend lent me 5 seasons of the show, which I used to love watching on ABC kids (yes, it's sad, but I watched ABC kids till I was way beyond my kiddy age). Again, the show attracted me with it's witty dialogues, plus the constant, blatant sarcasm and irony. It really made me miss high school. And it also made me feel very dumb. Might be just me, but when I was back in high school, my way of thinking was way less sophisticated than represented in these shows. It seemed like a common theme amongst all these American shows, whether it'd be Gilmore Girls or Daria. All these high school kids seem to have a much more enriched mind, and thinks about their future a whole lot more than I did when I was in high school. Might be just television. Or it might be because the competition in America's way more fierce. Which would kind of explain the recurring school gun shooting incidents. Well, I suppose there are more complicated factors, but this could be one of them.

Satella, Rosette, Chrono & AzmariaSo nehoos, after watching these two shows, I thought I needed a break from feeling dumb, hence switched to some anime. One of my nurses recently lent me a couple of anime series, so randomly I started watching a show called Chrno Crusade. I had heard of the show back in uni but never got a chance to watch it. The start of the show's pretty decent. Typical, but not boring. Story starts with this girl, who has a contract with a devil, to help her find her younger brother, who was taken by some other evil devil. The devil, Chrono, is actually on the good side for most of the show. He lost his horns which meant he depends on the contract with the heroin, Rosette, to survive. Each time he needs to battle or use his powers, he basically depletes Rosette's life span. Being the good devil that he is, he's reluctant to do so, and hence to conserve amount of energy needed, he normally travels around with a chibi body (not quite child statue, but short and cute! =P). But then the show got too involved with the whole bible thing, about God, his apostles, the devil, heaven and hell and such. AND THE ENDING WAS NOT A HAPPY ONE! So on top of feeling dumb, I'm also now depressed and mildly confused (the ending was slightly twisted about so that it gives you a sense of depth, but really it doesn't make sense the more you think about it...).

HSM PosterTo top it all off, today I watched both High School Musical and High School Musical 2. Channel 7 was extremely lenient today, in showing one movie in the morning and one in the evening. I had read about HSM from someone's blog a couple of months ago. At the time I didn't really see what her craze was about. But now having watched both movies, I kind of know why. HSM is like a modern version of Grease, so in other words, a musical show, about a musical. In typical Disney style, everything's really cheesy and happy, costumes are colorful, and everything wraps up nicely in a perfect ending. The songs are really catchy, sort of along the lines of Hi5? Some nice harmonies going, but by the time I got to the second movie, the songs were starting to get to me a little. It was like a sugar overload. Apparently HSM is coming to Australian next year as part of Disney On Ice show. Would I be bothered going? Hmm......something to ponder. I've never been big on the whole bringing-Disney-shows-to-an-ice-rink thing, but this is not a cartoon show, so there'd be less props and more people skating. Might be interesting...

Well gotta catch up on some zzz's now. Such is the life of a sloth.

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