Extreme Bento

Was bored the other day so I decided to go through my favourite links and deleting ones that no longer connect. By some random surfing I came across a site that's dedicated on making Bento, or Japanese lunch boxes. I was just amazed. The length people go through to make their bento. There are even special tools to help make your bento more interesting.

The most fascinating thing I found was that there are egg moulds to mould your hard boiled egg into a particular shape (see pic above). If everything goes well, the result's really cute! And I found there were face punches, to punch smiley face shapes out of nori to decorate your riceballs/eggs/breadrolls (see below). Note in the second pic the white bear face is actually an egg moulded using one of those egg moulds. OMG~~

There are even packaged pre-cut nori in novelty shapes!

What a crazy country Japan is! Although, personally I'd probably not want to have such a cute and pretty lunch box. I mean imagine eating one of those bear faces. Who would have the heart? lol

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