The Stone Key

Just found out today that the 5th book of The Obernewtyn Chronicles - The Stone Key is due to be released Feburary next year. For those of you who don't know, it's written by one of my favourite but slightly frustration-inducing author, Isobelle Carmody. I first became acquainted with The Oberynewten Chronicles back when I was in year seven or eight, and in my hazy memory I recall at the time that the first three books were already out. I remembered loving the series to bits, and eagerly anticipated the release of the fourth book. By the time high school finished, I had given up hope of ever reading the fourth book. When The Keeping Place was finally released, rather than throwing a jubilee party, I felt more a moment of surprise. And because it had been so many years since I read the series, the only thing I remember from the series is the main character's name, Elspeth. I had even forgotten her love interest's name, that's how hazy the memory became. Which is a real shame. When I was reading the fourth book, I was just completely confused as to the who, what and where of the story, which completely ruined the enjoyment I would have had, had I remembered more than the heroine's name. The same thing happened with her Legendsong Saga. Luckily the second book came out not too long after I read the first book, hence I remembered a little more than just the heroine's name.

With that said, I AM actually looking forward to the release of this book. AND I have ample time before the release to re-read the other four books! On a more disappointing note, The Stone Key is still not the last book of the series. I had the impression that it was.

What I'm most looking forward to is actually the final book of The Legendsong Saga. And yes, it IS a confirmed last book of the series, which makes its appeal just a little more stronger.

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Dana said...

OMG! The 5th book is coming out! Awesome. Not so awesome is the fact that it's not the last book :S. I have the 4th book at home. I thought I had the first 3... but I it appears I do not. lol. But yeah, we'll probably have children of our own before this series ends :S.

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