It's been a while since the last post. Went through another one of those depressed-semi-suicidal phases, and life just seemed dreary.

Soon it'll be almost a year since I graduated, and that concept scares me. In another month or two, I will no longer be considered a new grad, and loosing that cloak of protection makes me feel vulnerable. Also it makes me feel like I haven't achieved anything. Actually I feel like I've un-achieved the things I've had in the past years. What's worse, I have less idea of where I want to go than I did at the start of the year! Hence the state of depression. Well, that and in addition to a couple of other things which happened at work.

Nehoos, enough with the depression talk. Let's move on to something more positive. Well, one of my close friends is getting married in the coming week. It seemed so far away, yet all of a sudden it's here! I've known this friend since primary school. We went through the same Chinese school, and then through the same uni course. It seems unreal that she's going to become married and settled down. Strange how one's mind sees the state of being married and the state of being in a stable relationship as two entirely different things. It feels like after this she's gone into an entirely different world from us non-married people. Despite the happiness I feel for her at having found the love of her life, and about to enter what promises to be a happy marriage, I can't help but feel a little sad. Feels like she's moving on to another phase of life which I will not have a part in. Still, I am really looking forward to the wedding. I haven't had to sit through enough weddings yet to dread participating in the event.

Also I got to try out Indian food for the first time the other day. My friend had her b'day celebration at an Indian restaurant. I have decided my favourite Indian dish (currently) is Lamb Mikhani. But I'm still yet to understand the difference between roti and nan. Wouldn't say Indian food's my favourite. It's great for flavour and spices, but there's not enough good old plain vegetables in their dish. It's strange considering I'm quite a carnivorous person, and don't usually like my vegies. I can see the now and again craving for Indian food, but it's definitely something I'd have only once in a while.

Also at this aforementioned dinner, I was again crowned the queen of baking failure. There have been a previous instance where I attempted to make a brownie for another friend's birthday (seems like my failures at baking occur largely at friends' birthdays), which turned out hard as a rock. Literally. This time, similar thing happened, although (thank goodness) not as hard as before. I swear it was soft when I was icing it, but somehow between icing and eating, the cake became a lot more hard. Lesson for the day? Stop using 10-year-old baking powder. Or perhaps just give up baking for friends' birthdays.

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