Weekend away

Work finished on time today. Miracle day. Love the rain. Really keeps those clients away.

Nehoos, for the weekend, I was invited to stay with my friend who lives in Wonthaggi, a small country town by the seaside. Her family owns a dairy farm, and I had spent some time with them for work experience during my course. It was her Dad's 50th birthday party and I thought it was awfully nice of her to invite me as well.

I went down on Saturday night. I really missed the place, and I didn't really realise it till I got there again. The night sky was just so beautiful when it doesn't have to compete with the city lights.

For the first time in my life, I also got to sleep in a double bed. Sounds like I've really had a deprived life, but it's true. All my life I've only ever slept on a single bed, except when we used to live in a 1-bedroom flat and I slept with my parents on a queen-sized bed. It's really not quite the same when you have to share it with 2 other people. Anyway, the guest bedroom had the most beautiful bed set up. The doona covers were creamy white with simple embossed line patterns, and the lilac sheets offsets the pillows and doona perfectly. And there was so many pillows which all looked really fluffy! It's one of those beds that you see at display furniture stores that just makes you want to dive in and sleep. lol

The party was great. I helped my friend to decorate the place before her extended family showed up. There was like 50 odd people at this party, all of whom were new acquaintences to me. I spent the majority of the time trying to remember the names of the guests without much success. The party was held at the local golf club, and the dining area overlooked the golf course.

Must say that the weekend really provided a relaxing getaway. I was actually getting quite grumpy from work (again) and after the weekend away I felt much better. I'm kind of envious of my friend's family though. Despite their troubles (what with the drought and not being able to feed their cows and thus financial difficulties etc.), they still seem content with their way of life. I wouldn't say they life is a comfortable one, I mean the parents have to get up 6 in the morning to work the farm, and then often does not finish till 10 or 11 in the evening. It's a harsh lifestyle, but they seem to love it. Don't think I'd ever be able to live their kind of life, but seeing them the way they are makes me also feel a little more appreciative of what I have, and reminds me to enjoy the life that I lead.

Have started reading Harry Potter 7 finally. I was planning to wait for the reserve list in the libraries to die down, which was going to be a while, but my friend lent me her copy of the book. So far it's been pretty good, although the magic of Harry Potter seems to have deemed a little in this book. It feels more like a political battle or a war story rather than magical fantasy. However it's still captivating, and if it weren't for work, I wouldn't have put it down till I've read the whole thing. More thoughts on that later.

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