No electricity but still blogging...mwahahahaha *evil*

I am sitting in the middle of a power failure. Blogging. Thank the heavens for laptops with portable batteries. Although this computer is going to die in 2 hours.

It feels kind of wrong, when every electrical equipment around me sits in silence that this computer is still functional. Hence I felt compelled to blog. That probably doesn't make sense to people, but then I don't make sense a lot of times.

Dad made me ring up the power company to report this outage. I didn't even get to speak to a real person. There was a pre-recorded message that informed me that my area is experiencing a power outage, and unless I have precise information relating to why this is so, I should hang up and ring back in 2 hours. Automated messages are so helpful. That's the last time I'll be ringing the power company during a power failure. Guess I'll just sit tight, and hope that the power will be back before this battery runs out...

I hear honking cars. The beauty of living near a busy road is that in a situation such as this, one can always opt to watch the traffic havoc as road travellers try to negotiate intersections without the help of traffic lights. I feel so evil sometimes.

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