The Image of Snape Die Hard

For Father's Day, I got my Dad the Die Hard box set from JB. Dad's a bit of an action movie guy, reason being you don't need to know much English to enjoy the juicy bits of the movie. An explosion is afterall an explosion regardless of the language. I must admit though that the present had one of those semi-ulterior motives. I'm not much of an action movie fan, but I did enjoy the recently released Die Hard 4.0, which a friend downloaded off the net for us. Well, that and because I'm a semi-closet fan of Bruce Willis, but that's a different story.

So before my Dad had a chance to enjoy his present, I ended up watching the first movie today. For a movie made in 1988, it's really quite impressive, although those gun shots scenes with blood splattering everywhere was just a tad overdone. I'm sure when you shoot at someone's knees, it would not spurt out blood like you just shot a juicy red tomato. But hey, that was the 80's, and I think these days shoot scenes have much less splurting of blood. Anyway, the most shocking thing from the movie (apart from the fashion) was that the evil dude was played by Alan Rickman! Who in case you don't remember actor names like I do, is the guy who plays Professor Snape in Harry Potter! The funniest thing is though, because I came to know the actor as Professor Snape (despite his many other acting roles), it's an image that I have stuck in my mind. So despite the different dress, the different character, it looked to me like Professor Snape shed his Hogwarts robes, traded in his wand for a gun, and decided he wanted to rob a giant successful international company instead. =P I think it's to do with the way he speaks and way he pronounce his words, even though in this movie he was meant to be German, and speaks English with an apparent German accent (which wasn't too convincing). The same happened when I saw him in Love Actually, his Snape image will stick with him forever in my mind.

Alan Rickman isn't the only actor who's one acting role labelled him forever as that character in my mind. Hugh Laurie who plays Dr. House in HOUSE M.D. is another one. When I saw him as the dad in Stuart Little, somehow his lines just all come out sarcastic, even though it was meant to be a heart-warming family scene. Several other actor/esses have similar images stuck to them but to a lesser degree. Amongst them, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones. Perhaps this phenomenon only occurs with me because of my lack of familiarisation with the Hollywood family. Only very few western movies/TV shows attract my interest, and if the character is memorable enough, then the actor will forever stick in my mind as that particular character.

Speaking of House, season 4 is about to start in the States (to be exact, September 25th). Really looking forward to the new season of House, but dreading the downloading. I had envisioned myself acquiring broadband before the season starts, but obviously haven't been motivated enough to do so. So back to persistent dial-up connection, phone calls not getting through, and losing touch with all other interests other than BLEACH and House.

Finally finished reading Rich Woman, which was the book my friend lent me regarding investment and financial management. Feeling very inspired, but not sure what to do now. Certain things just don't work. For example, when it comes to rental property investments, the author's advice is to stay local. Yet the properties around my area are selling at prices in the millions. Starting small does not appear to be a real option these days, with the way the market's going, what's small to a seasoned investor is like astronomical to me (well, maybe a slight exaggeration there, but nevertheless, a huge amount is the idea I'm trying to convert). So these days starting to feel a little more down now. For a moment there I thought there was hope, but now I'm feeling dragged back down the quicksand again. =( Surprisingly though, quite a few people at work seems quite interested in property investment, I've caught people studying properties online during work before. Perhaps our line of work drives people to seek wealth elsewhere seeing as it's never gonna happen through actual work. lol

Another 2 weeks and my friend's coming down to Melbourne for the weekend! Yay get to catch up and reminesce the old times again! Feels like it's been a while since I've caught up with my vet friends (actually I think it has been a while). With everyone having different work schedules, we've all just kind of fallen out of contact. But it's good that this friend's coming down, coz it'll give us a real good reason to organise something and make an effor to be there.

Whew......I've sure waffled on quite a bit there. Nehoos, dinner time!

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