I woke up feeling happy...

I woke up this morning feeling happy (or I should say yesterday morning, considering it's past midnight now). For one delicious moment I thought to myself, 'How nice is it on a day off to sleep in and not having to wake up at a set time!'. Then I remembered that I was actually meant to be working. Which made getting up a whole lot more painful. For some reason I just kept on thinking I didn't have to work today. On Monday, during my late lunch break, I made a happy announcement to my fellow collegues that 'at least I'm not working tomorrow', only to realise minutes later that I was. There's something about today. A work collegue who was meant to start at 10am with me was late. He also slept in, and was late for work.

So what's so special about today. Well the only thing I could think of is that it's Moon Festival today. Happy Moon Festival everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed them mooncakes whilst they lasted. That's the best bit about moon festival. It's the only time of the year when mooncakes are available. I'm sure Moon Festival is meant to celebrate something a whole lot more deep and meaningful, but to me, it means being able to eat moon cakes. Food means a lot to me.

What else is special about today? Well, the 4th season of House is starting in the US. Definitely something to look forward to. Although the concept is starting to wear a little thing, and the medical material is starting to be less exciting, but still a worthwhile show to watch. Well, more downloading on my meagre dial-up account. I should really invest in broadband.

In the end, nothing really explains this urge to deny that I'm meant to work today. I guess it's just psychologically I feel like a break. Oh well, better go and get some beauty sleep. Tomorrow morning I can really wake up and feel happy without the pitfalls.

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