Death by meat

ratatouile_remiLast night went and watched Ratatouille, which is the latest Disney-Pixar collaboration. The story is about Remi (pictured), a rat with a unique sense of smell, who wanted to cook human food. He teamed up with this guy with absolutely no talent for cooking, and through him achieved his dreams. Typical heart-warming, happy ending story by Disney, coupled with decent dollop of humour, and a sprinkle of tear-jerking moments. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen lately. My favourite part of the movie? The pink nose of the rat! XD It's definitely in the extremely squeezeable category, along with Snoopy's and TMNT's noses. *coughdon'tmindme*. Anyways, we saw the movie on an empty stomach, and the food just made the whole thing worse, and by the end of the movie, my friends and I were quite ready to devour a whole cow.

It just so happens there's a restaurant called Blue Fire right near the cinema. Given it was a Tuesday, there was a split the bill deal going on, which made the menu slightly less pricey than it was. The restaurant offered this type of BBQ where they give you unlimited servings of barbecued chorizo, beef, lamb, chicken, pork, calamari and fish till you say 'stop'. Despite being tight-assed, we decided to give this a go. Which is a really bad mistake. At the end of the night all three of us were stuffed to the brim with an assortment of meat (because being tigh-assed as we are, we just had to eat as much as possible). It was actually litereally painful. I was at a stage where I felt impossible to bend over. Definitely won't be repeating that experience any time soon. As one of the friends nicely put it, it was definitely death by meat.

This morning woke up feeling nauseous at the sight of food. Met up with a couple of friends for lunch, one of whom is going to get married soon. The subject of marriage always inspires lot of female talking, so it was great to catch up, hearing her plan for the wedding. It seems unreal as I've known this friend since primary school pretty much, and it still feels we're not old enough for marriage, despite our current age.

loli-goth dress although more lolita than gothAfterwards, as I was walking towards the bus stop for home, I walked past this shop called Shibuya. Judging by the shop name, I had assumed that they sell Japanese clothing, but I was not prepared for them selling loli-goth stuff. Loli-goth is like a fusion of lolita and gothic fashion. The fashion revolves around doll like clothing items with lots of frills, but with a touch of gothic fashion. There's probably a proper definition out there but that's my take on it.

The dresses were sooo~ cute!! >w< It's definitely not something I would wear to everyday occasions, but tempting to own nevertheless. Definitely can see why there's a whole cult out there dedicated to loli-goth fashion. Even the famous CLAMP, could not resist using loli-goth fashion in their drawings (see pic of Chii from Chobits).

Chii copyright CLAMP

Nehoos, going back to work tomorrow. Six days of break and still I feel as tired as when I started the mini-break...

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