No electricity but still blogging...mwahahahaha *evil*

I am sitting in the middle of a power failure. Blogging. Thank the heavens for laptops with portable batteries. Although this computer is going to die in 2 hours.

It feels kind of wrong, when every electrical equipment around me sits in silence that this computer is still functional. Hence I felt compelled to blog. That probably doesn't make sense to people, but then I don't make sense a lot of times.

Dad made me ring up the power company to report this outage. I didn't even get to speak to a real person. There was a pre-recorded message that informed me that my area is experiencing a power outage, and unless I have precise information relating to why this is so, I should hang up and ring back in 2 hours. Automated messages are so helpful. That's the last time I'll be ringing the power company during a power failure. Guess I'll just sit tight, and hope that the power will be back before this battery runs out...

I hear honking cars. The beauty of living near a busy road is that in a situation such as this, one can always opt to watch the traffic havoc as road travellers try to negotiate intersections without the help of traffic lights. I feel so evil sometimes.


I woke up feeling happy...

I woke up this morning feeling happy (or I should say yesterday morning, considering it's past midnight now). For one delicious moment I thought to myself, 'How nice is it on a day off to sleep in and not having to wake up at a set time!'. Then I remembered that I was actually meant to be working. Which made getting up a whole lot more painful. For some reason I just kept on thinking I didn't have to work today. On Monday, during my late lunch break, I made a happy announcement to my fellow collegues that 'at least I'm not working tomorrow', only to realise minutes later that I was. There's something about today. A work collegue who was meant to start at 10am with me was late. He also slept in, and was late for work.

So what's so special about today. Well the only thing I could think of is that it's Moon Festival today. Happy Moon Festival everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed them mooncakes whilst they lasted. That's the best bit about moon festival. It's the only time of the year when mooncakes are available. I'm sure Moon Festival is meant to celebrate something a whole lot more deep and meaningful, but to me, it means being able to eat moon cakes. Food means a lot to me.

What else is special about today? Well, the 4th season of House is starting in the US. Definitely something to look forward to. Although the concept is starting to wear a little thing, and the medical material is starting to be less exciting, but still a worthwhile show to watch. Well, more downloading on my meagre dial-up account. I should really invest in broadband.

In the end, nothing really explains this urge to deny that I'm meant to work today. I guess it's just psychologically I feel like a break. Oh well, better go and get some beauty sleep. Tomorrow morning I can really wake up and feel happy without the pitfalls.


Death by meat

ratatouile_remiLast night went and watched Ratatouille, which is the latest Disney-Pixar collaboration. The story is about Remi (pictured), a rat with a unique sense of smell, who wanted to cook human food. He teamed up with this guy with absolutely no talent for cooking, and through him achieved his dreams. Typical heart-warming, happy ending story by Disney, coupled with decent dollop of humour, and a sprinkle of tear-jerking moments. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen lately. My favourite part of the movie? The pink nose of the rat! XD It's definitely in the extremely squeezeable category, along with Snoopy's and TMNT's noses. *coughdon'tmindme*. Anyways, we saw the movie on an empty stomach, and the food just made the whole thing worse, and by the end of the movie, my friends and I were quite ready to devour a whole cow.

It just so happens there's a restaurant called Blue Fire right near the cinema. Given it was a Tuesday, there was a split the bill deal going on, which made the menu slightly less pricey than it was. The restaurant offered this type of BBQ where they give you unlimited servings of barbecued chorizo, beef, lamb, chicken, pork, calamari and fish till you say 'stop'. Despite being tight-assed, we decided to give this a go. Which is a really bad mistake. At the end of the night all three of us were stuffed to the brim with an assortment of meat (because being tigh-assed as we are, we just had to eat as much as possible). It was actually litereally painful. I was at a stage where I felt impossible to bend over. Definitely won't be repeating that experience any time soon. As one of the friends nicely put it, it was definitely death by meat.

This morning woke up feeling nauseous at the sight of food. Met up with a couple of friends for lunch, one of whom is going to get married soon. The subject of marriage always inspires lot of female talking, so it was great to catch up, hearing her plan for the wedding. It seems unreal as I've known this friend since primary school pretty much, and it still feels we're not old enough for marriage, despite our current age.

loli-goth dress although more lolita than gothAfterwards, as I was walking towards the bus stop for home, I walked past this shop called Shibuya. Judging by the shop name, I had assumed that they sell Japanese clothing, but I was not prepared for them selling loli-goth stuff. Loli-goth is like a fusion of lolita and gothic fashion. The fashion revolves around doll like clothing items with lots of frills, but with a touch of gothic fashion. There's probably a proper definition out there but that's my take on it.

The dresses were sooo~ cute!! >w< It's definitely not something I would wear to everyday occasions, but tempting to own nevertheless. Definitely can see why there's a whole cult out there dedicated to loli-goth fashion. Even the famous CLAMP, could not resist using loli-goth fashion in their drawings (see pic of Chii from Chobits).

Chii copyright CLAMP

Nehoos, going back to work tomorrow. Six days of break and still I feel as tired as when I started the mini-break...


Random rants

I just realised how boring the current site design is. I've been meaning to brighten it up a little bit but just never gotten around to doing it. But then again, I've been meaning to do quite a number of things (e.g. my tax returns ^_^|||).

I'm currently on my self-imposed 6-day mini-break AKA annual leave without supervisor knowing. Normally I work on the weekend that just passed, but seeing as a number of my work collegues wanted to swap weekend days with me, I managed to get this weekend off. Which is a bit of a bonus, because usually I have one day before and three days after my weekend on which are normally rostered as my day off. Hence the self-imposed non-supervisor knowing part. It's rather sad, but this is the only way I can manage to get a break from work, as all the annual leave allocations have been taken up till Feb next year. It was like this when I started working full time, so hence my chances of getting annual leave any time this year would've been nil to...... well nil.

I've been meaning to do so much with my semi-holiday, but so far I haven't done anything. Been procrastinating like mad. Didn't think I could procrastinate now that I'm no longer a student, but old habits die hard. But redecorating this site was amongst my to-do list.

It was kind of stupid of me, but when I changed the layout of this site a while ago, I forgot that the html code gets completely re-written, which wipes out my site counter. So for the last 10 days or so, my site counter have been sitting at 15 visits (yes that's how few people visit this site, especially consider half these counts are probably from me checking my own site T_T), which I found quite weird, as I KNOW that at least I've made a couple of visits to the site within the last week or so. It took me that long to figure out that the counter code must've been wiped when I played around with the layout design. Seems as age increases, sharpness of mind declines exponentially.

Anyway, the past weekend was also the long awaited annual anime convention - Manifest. Which I didn't go. Again. It just doesn't have the same force of attraction as it used to anymore. That and because I couldn't find someone to go with me, and Manifest isn't half as much fun without the company of friends. But anyhoos, one of my vet friends from Adelaide came down for the event, and we met up for dinner. It's so good to catch up with my vet friends. Despite the fact that somehow our conversation always wanders back to vet-related discussions, even though we made a point of stating "Let's not talk about any vet-related stuff". Still, it was good to catch up with people and see what they're up to. It feels a little depressing afterwards though, because the more you talk with people, the more it feel that we're all sort of going our separate ways. Sure we meet up and we keep in contact via emails and such, but it just doesn't feel like it used to, when we'd see eachother pretty much every day, and had lectures together and did our rotations together. It was good times, and I guess it's something that'll never come back. The sense of loss makes me feel slightly depressed.

Finally read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


It wasn't below expectations by all means, and everything was tied up pretty nicely with a happy ending. But the ending was slightly confusing. It felt like the Rowling was trying to fit what's happened so far all into a neat little package of explainations, which somehow didn't make 100% sense. Like how Harry didn't die in the woods when Voldermort 'killed' him and the piece of Voldermort's soul in him. Unless the piece of soul protected Harry from dying. But then why would a piece of Voldermort's soul protect Harry when they're mortal enemies? I guess there's probably some roundabout explaination, but I'm just not seeing it. There was a LOT of deaths in the book, but the saddest will have to be the death of Dobby the elf. Didn't feel too bad about Hedwig as I knew it was coming. However I didn't really see the point of killing off Hedwig apart from the fact that it saves the author from having to account for the owl later on in the book. The whether or not the owl died wouldn't have made much of a difference to how the rest of the story would go. The death of the other characters were met with slight indifference on my part, mainly cause I couldn't really remember them well, hence the lack of raport. The character of Snape was a little bit of a surprise, but it was kind of stupid that he only made like three appearances in the entire book, and gets randomly killed in the third appearance. Then his past history spills out. I was like WTH? We barely see him throughout the whole book and now he's dead, and THEN they decide to talk about him more? Well at least the whole thing with Lily was sweet. Although despite his undyling love, it does make him appear slightly more stupid, and hence dropped slightly in my estimation. I think I would've liked Snape to be a little less human than the way he was portrayed. I mean this guy dedicated pretty much his entire life to this girl who never could have and never will return his feelings. I mean it's touching and all, but slightly unrealistic. It's something that'll happen in a fairy tale. But then again, Harry Potter is a kids book, and I suppose it must contain some element of idealistic preachings.

Whew! That was a long rant about HP. Next up: discussion of Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo lol. Which is a random anime movie that I just downloaded off the net. I ended up watching that on Sunday rather than doing anything useful. The movie's a slice of life story with a touch of sci-fi. It's one of those sweet, pretty movies that makes you think a little, but brightens up your day in the end. The story goes basically that Makoto, the 17-year old heroine of the story, one day finds herself able to travel back in time. She ended up doing really petty things with this temporary ability to time travel, and in the end somehow falls in love, and finds her direction of life. But overall the movie's not bad. It's definitely worth re-watching at least 2-3 times when I'm bored, which is more than what I can say about the anime produced these days. Rarely are there any anime series these days that I feel is worthwhile watching more than once.

Well that's enough ranting for now. I think I should either go to sleep or do something productive with my time, rather than procrastinating and blogging. I'm finding blogging an excellent procrastination activity. Whenever I don't feel like anything, I can always find some mundane piece of my life to blog about. lol


Weekend away

Work finished on time today. Miracle day. Love the rain. Really keeps those clients away.

Nehoos, for the weekend, I was invited to stay with my friend who lives in Wonthaggi, a small country town by the seaside. Her family owns a dairy farm, and I had spent some time with them for work experience during my course. It was her Dad's 50th birthday party and I thought it was awfully nice of her to invite me as well.

I went down on Saturday night. I really missed the place, and I didn't really realise it till I got there again. The night sky was just so beautiful when it doesn't have to compete with the city lights.

For the first time in my life, I also got to sleep in a double bed. Sounds like I've really had a deprived life, but it's true. All my life I've only ever slept on a single bed, except when we used to live in a 1-bedroom flat and I slept with my parents on a queen-sized bed. It's really not quite the same when you have to share it with 2 other people. Anyway, the guest bedroom had the most beautiful bed set up. The doona covers were creamy white with simple embossed line patterns, and the lilac sheets offsets the pillows and doona perfectly. And there was so many pillows which all looked really fluffy! It's one of those beds that you see at display furniture stores that just makes you want to dive in and sleep. lol

The party was great. I helped my friend to decorate the place before her extended family showed up. There was like 50 odd people at this party, all of whom were new acquaintences to me. I spent the majority of the time trying to remember the names of the guests without much success. The party was held at the local golf club, and the dining area overlooked the golf course.

Must say that the weekend really provided a relaxing getaway. I was actually getting quite grumpy from work (again) and after the weekend away I felt much better. I'm kind of envious of my friend's family though. Despite their troubles (what with the drought and not being able to feed their cows and thus financial difficulties etc.), they still seem content with their way of life. I wouldn't say they life is a comfortable one, I mean the parents have to get up 6 in the morning to work the farm, and then often does not finish till 10 or 11 in the evening. It's a harsh lifestyle, but they seem to love it. Don't think I'd ever be able to live their kind of life, but seeing them the way they are makes me also feel a little more appreciative of what I have, and reminds me to enjoy the life that I lead.

Have started reading Harry Potter 7 finally. I was planning to wait for the reserve list in the libraries to die down, which was going to be a while, but my friend lent me her copy of the book. So far it's been pretty good, although the magic of Harry Potter seems to have deemed a little in this book. It feels more like a political battle or a war story rather than magical fantasy. However it's still captivating, and if it weren't for work, I wouldn't have put it down till I've read the whole thing. More thoughts on that later.


The Image of Snape Die Hard

For Father's Day, I got my Dad the Die Hard box set from JB. Dad's a bit of an action movie guy, reason being you don't need to know much English to enjoy the juicy bits of the movie. An explosion is afterall an explosion regardless of the language. I must admit though that the present had one of those semi-ulterior motives. I'm not much of an action movie fan, but I did enjoy the recently released Die Hard 4.0, which a friend downloaded off the net for us. Well, that and because I'm a semi-closet fan of Bruce Willis, but that's a different story.

So before my Dad had a chance to enjoy his present, I ended up watching the first movie today. For a movie made in 1988, it's really quite impressive, although those gun shots scenes with blood splattering everywhere was just a tad overdone. I'm sure when you shoot at someone's knees, it would not spurt out blood like you just shot a juicy red tomato. But hey, that was the 80's, and I think these days shoot scenes have much less splurting of blood. Anyway, the most shocking thing from the movie (apart from the fashion) was that the evil dude was played by Alan Rickman! Who in case you don't remember actor names like I do, is the guy who plays Professor Snape in Harry Potter! The funniest thing is though, because I came to know the actor as Professor Snape (despite his many other acting roles), it's an image that I have stuck in my mind. So despite the different dress, the different character, it looked to me like Professor Snape shed his Hogwarts robes, traded in his wand for a gun, and decided he wanted to rob a giant successful international company instead. =P I think it's to do with the way he speaks and way he pronounce his words, even though in this movie he was meant to be German, and speaks English with an apparent German accent (which wasn't too convincing). The same happened when I saw him in Love Actually, his Snape image will stick with him forever in my mind.

Alan Rickman isn't the only actor who's one acting role labelled him forever as that character in my mind. Hugh Laurie who plays Dr. House in HOUSE M.D. is another one. When I saw him as the dad in Stuart Little, somehow his lines just all come out sarcastic, even though it was meant to be a heart-warming family scene. Several other actor/esses have similar images stuck to them but to a lesser degree. Amongst them, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones. Perhaps this phenomenon only occurs with me because of my lack of familiarisation with the Hollywood family. Only very few western movies/TV shows attract my interest, and if the character is memorable enough, then the actor will forever stick in my mind as that particular character.

Speaking of House, season 4 is about to start in the States (to be exact, September 25th). Really looking forward to the new season of House, but dreading the downloading. I had envisioned myself acquiring broadband before the season starts, but obviously haven't been motivated enough to do so. So back to persistent dial-up connection, phone calls not getting through, and losing touch with all other interests other than BLEACH and House.

Finally finished reading Rich Woman, which was the book my friend lent me regarding investment and financial management. Feeling very inspired, but not sure what to do now. Certain things just don't work. For example, when it comes to rental property investments, the author's advice is to stay local. Yet the properties around my area are selling at prices in the millions. Starting small does not appear to be a real option these days, with the way the market's going, what's small to a seasoned investor is like astronomical to me (well, maybe a slight exaggeration there, but nevertheless, a huge amount is the idea I'm trying to convert). So these days starting to feel a little more down now. For a moment there I thought there was hope, but now I'm feeling dragged back down the quicksand again. =( Surprisingly though, quite a few people at work seems quite interested in property investment, I've caught people studying properties online during work before. Perhaps our line of work drives people to seek wealth elsewhere seeing as it's never gonna happen through actual work. lol

Another 2 weeks and my friend's coming down to Melbourne for the weekend! Yay get to catch up and reminesce the old times again! Feels like it's been a while since I've caught up with my vet friends (actually I think it has been a while). With everyone having different work schedules, we've all just kind of fallen out of contact. But it's good that this friend's coming down, coz it'll give us a real good reason to organise something and make an effor to be there.

Whew......I've sure waffled on quite a bit there. Nehoos, dinner time!

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