The world's gonna end!

Why do I say that? Coz today for the first time since I've started working, I managed to finish BEFORE MY ROSTERED FINISH TIME!! I clocked out at 5:30pm!! I was in surgery today, and OMG the hospital list was reduced to a point where there was no jobs to do!! XD This has never happened in my entire working history and I was convinced that the world's gonna end. Even consulting vets were really free and wandering around free.

There was this one vet who was bored and surfing on the web. Off handedly I glanced at her comp screen wondering what she was doing and she was googling something. Being my typical sticky-beak, I checked out what she was searching, and in the search box on Google.com, she had typed "Yahoo". O_o I was like, "Umm, did you just google yahoo?", and she replied, "Yeah, I always google yahoo." O_o. I think it took a couple of seconds for her to realise the irony and the redundancy of what she was doing. I mean I know we vets are not a great technologically advanced sub-species, but using a search engine to search for another search engine is just a classic. At least everyone got a good laugh out of it.

Am a little concerned about tomorrow and the day after though. Usually when things are this happy at the clinic, it's bound to turn sour. *fugitively looks around* I'm sure life's just waiting to spring it on to me now...

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