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My eyebrow won't stop twitching. To be more specific, my left eyebrow, just near the centre. Makes me feel like a nervous person. Also makes me nervous when I'm with a client and my eyebrow twitches. I keep on thinking to myself "What if they think I'm nervous?", hence I become more nervous. It's a vicious cycle. Why am I posting about my eyebrow twitch? Because I'm bored. It's almost 10pm and I should really go to bed considering I have work tomorrow, but I don't want to, so instead I'm making a random blog post.

Work today was kind of depressing. It's my surgery day, which is usually my favourite day of the roster. There's no set schedule so I can leisurely do things at my own pace, well sort of. Usually in a day I manage to get 6 or 7 procedures done, usually a couple of speys and castrations plus one or two hospital jobs. Today I barely managed to finish my allocated desexings. Reason being I had a fat bitch spey who happens to be in season (for my non-vet friends, just skip this paragraph). I actually had 3 bitch speys and all of them just happen to be fatty, even the Whippet cross! (who would've thought). The lab and the whippet was okay, but the heeler cross (who's the in-heat dog) was just a disaster. The ovarian pedicle could not be stretched beyond 2mm, and on top of that, one had to work with a mass of fatty omentum blocking your surgical view. In the end one of my collegue had to scrub in to help me with the pedicles. Even then, the dog just bled like crazy. To think, I thought I was finally getting the hang of speying fat dogs, and this just totally annillates that theory. So yeah. They say practice makes perfect, but in the case of fat in-season bitch speys, you can never be perfect. Heck, with surgery, you can never be perfect. There's always a potential for disaster.

Started watching a new anime series called "Witchblade", thanks to my anime addicted nurse. The first episode looked quite interesting, the story being set in furture Tokyo, where global warming has obviously taken it's toll, and half of Tokyo is underwater. So far that's all I got. That and the fact that children have become scarce, and there's some creepy child protection societ that tries to take children off their parents. On top of that, you have this struggling single mum who just happened to be able to transform into some elite killing machine. O_o I'm sure the story will develop much more, but this is my current understanding of the series after watching 1 episode.

Nehoos, really should be heading off to bed. Think I'll read a little bit of Agatha Christie's "Hercule Poirot's Christmas" before going to bed. Hallo ~ murder mystery dreams!

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