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Yes, last week was fairly bad. After that last post, I had an animal die under anaesthesia. I think that really was the rock bottom of suckiness. Had a complete breakdown at work, which was kinda embarassing. I think it was like one thing on top of another, which just piled up till the dam broke. And once the dam broke, there's nothing you can do till the pressure relieves itself. People at work kept on telling me how it wasn't my fault, and that these things happen under anaesthetic and everything, but still it didn't make me feel any less worthless. It felt like it was seriously a sign from above telling me I'm not meant to be a vet. To top if off, I came home from work to find a Melb Uni brochure waiting in my room, with details of how to apply for postgrad studies. I'm not the superstitious type, but geez it's an awful lot of incidences that seems to spell something out for me.

It didn't help that the owners of the animal that died under anaesthesia took the news really REALLY badly. Like threatening to sue and such, despite the fact that they signed a form that says they understand that there is always a risk with anaesthetics, and that their animal may pass away under anaesthetic. Oh well, I'll worry about that later when the time comes. At least if I get sued, I can have a valid reason for quitting this profession (plus declare bankrupcy).

Nehoos, luckily I had a day off after the incident, but the day was pretty melancholy, with some serious contemplation of quitting. This past weekend was my weekend on, so I really couldn't get away from work properly. Surprisingly though, working actually got me slightly over the depression slump. Guess with me being so preoccupied with the busy-ness of work, I had little time for melacholy thoughts. Also it helped that I had to anaesthetise another animal which thankfully survived the anaesthetic to full recovery. *whew*

Still I am actually contemplating doing something else with my life, but perhaps I'll stick with the profession a little bit longer.


In other news, I've finished watching Witchblade. I kinda really liked it. The story was heart warming, but not to the point of disgustingly soppy. The ending was not a happy one, but okay. Lots of unexplained things, but that's the way with a one season anime. Plus I found out that the Witchblade is actually American! It was originally an American comic, that was even adapted to an American TV series! 8D Except the story had nothing to do with the Japanese anime. But still, it's fairly rare for a western concept to be adapted to a Japanese one, usually it's the other way around (e.g. The Ring).

Had a work collegue wanting to swap weekend shifts with me. Looks like I might actually get the Manifest weekend free! But don't know about attending the convention though. Today was checking out the website for late reg prices, and noticed they've uploaded a preliminary schedule. Wasn't that exciting, but found this new comp called the Hare Hare Yukai Dance Competition. Out of curiosity went and read more about it. It's to do with this recently popular anime, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, or otherwise known as The Melacholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. It's actually fairly old now, more like end of last year, start of this year craze, but I've been out of the anime picture for a while. I found the song on YouTube (surprise) and it's really cool!

The song Hare Hare Yukai is the ending song, and they've actually animated the characters to be doing a cute dance to the song, with matching lip movements and everything. The choreograph is similar to that of Berry Koubou, and it almost feels like watching them but animated! lol It's gotten me interested in the anime, wonder how long it'd take to download on my dial up...*shudders*

Anyway, also found the live action human version of the song, perfomed by the voice actresses of the three characters from the anime - Hirano Aya (as Suzumiya Haruhi), Chihara Minori (as Nagato Yuki), and Gotou Yuuko (as Asahina Mikuru).

I can see why this song can set off a dancing craze, with people trying to learn the dance. I'd be tempted too if I was more coordinated. But as it is I think I'll just try to enjoy the show. This would be the one part of Manifest that I would really want to see.

To go or not to go, that is the question.

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Dana said...

Omg, even as I was watching the first animated video, before I read about live action/dance competition, I was thinking about you, me and Linda learning the dance moves and wondering which one I would be/you would be/Linda would be. I decided that I would like to be the one that sings the least. At least you and Linda can sing. Then when the two guys came on, I was like omg, Karl and Mat could jump in at the end and do what those two boys did (wave their fists in the air next to their heads). Actually, I was thinking Karl and Pok, but since Pok's away... And then we could complete and win @ manifest!

If only we had the time, cared more and didn't have one member of our party on crutches...

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