Harry Potter and Dinner

It's Tightass Tuesday today for movies, and in true PG style, went to watch the 5th Harry Potter movie. From the previous movies, I wasn't really expecting too much, but it turned out a little better than I expected. I guess there was a reason why this movie was rated M, but I liked the acting a lot more. Finally these kids are learning some acting skills. However the heavy hyperventilation which seems to overtake Harry or Hermione seems a little excessive, especially when Hermione, feels like she's putting too much feeling into a small situation, hence appearing unnatural. Umbridge freaked me out a little with her smiles and laughs, and pissed me off about 5 minutes after her first appearance. Makes you just want to strangle her there and then at the start of the movie. I read the 5th book a long time ago, so I don't really remember how exactly she was described in the book, but I don't remember feeling this irritated by the character. But then again, I did read the book a while ago, and I'm not the best when it comes to information.

Afterwards went to dinner in one of the random restaurants downstairs. Had lamb souvalaki which was nice, was kinda on the sweet side which is the way I like my food. Had olives in my salad which I traded with my friend who didn't like her tomatoes. It's nice how things work out nicely like that.

My poor friend who I went to the movies with was hobbling on crutches coz she had a skii accident and possibly torn her knee ligaments. At the moment she's splintered up and walking around with crutches. Yet amazingly she still manages to drive around okay, and also manages to use the escalators better than I can with two functional legs. But then again I've never been a great one with coordination. I could unbalance from standing still (don't ask me how that works...). Nehoos, being the "considerate" friend I am, I tried not to be in the way of her crutches by walking slightly in front of her, which in hindsight was probably not very considerate, as everytime she advanced her crutches, it'd catch on my heels. ^_^||| In the end it worked out better that I was actually walking normally beside her. Guess me being considerate is probably in it's own way a danger to the world lol.

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Dana said...

I also heard that you wore a pretty skirt last night. In winter PG? How vain :P.

Good to hear you guys had a good time.

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