Got lost around the block

Went for a two-hour walk today. Totally unintentional. In other words, mum and I got lost on our planned short walk around the block.

It all kinda happened because my friend lent me this book on money management and investments, which has gotten me really hyped up about the whole working-your-money-to-become-rich thing. Anyway, coincidentally, near out place at the moment there's a huge piece of land which was recently cleared for a large scale building of private homes. So in my enthusiastic state I thought it'd be interesting just to check out the real estate in the area, and proposed a walk to the info centre. The homes were kinda out of my price range, what with starting at 1.5 million and all. I mean, I haven't even paid off my student debts yet. So anyway, after a nice chat which the info centre lady, mum and I wandered down a random street, which is where the getting lost started. We had a general idea of which direction to go to get home, but because the area is mainly parkland and hills, the paths are not straight grid form street patterns. We went down this windy road only to find ourselves further away from home. Stupid windy mountain roads. Halfway through, mum suggested we ring Dad to come and pick us up, but given we were lost, we can't exactly tell him where to pick us up from. And given it's a week day, there was no one on the roads, except for the odd cyclists who whooshed by before we were even aware they were there. Well, we eventually got home. Definitely got my week's dose of exercises. So not doing that again. Next time will stick to known routes.

Finally finished watching Ouran High Host Club. It is stupid but in a hilarious-not-so-annoying way. Really good to watch because it doens't require any brain work. It reminds me of the comedy portion of Fruits Basket, but never really gets too serious.

Also watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which was less entertaining. The movie's not bad, but the storyline's got no grip. Storyline's kinda predictable, and there were several WTH moments. The ending was also kinda like "Huh?! That's it?". Well, at least I can tick it off my ever-growing "to watch movies" list. I went on a mini DVD buying rampage from JB, and bought a bunch of movies which I've wanted to watch but never got around to watching, and also a couple of movies that I didn't want to watch, but bought anyway as it's like part of a deal (I'm a real sucker when it comes to these so-called deals, "buy 2 and get 1 free" always seems to be a tickler). =P

Nehoos, off to bed now. So so very tired......zzz

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