Got lost around the block

Went for a two-hour walk today. Totally unintentional. In other words, mum and I got lost on our planned short walk around the block.

It all kinda happened because my friend lent me this book on money management and investments, which has gotten me really hyped up about the whole working-your-money-to-become-rich thing. Anyway, coincidentally, near out place at the moment there's a huge piece of land which was recently cleared for a large scale building of private homes. So in my enthusiastic state I thought it'd be interesting just to check out the real estate in the area, and proposed a walk to the info centre. The homes were kinda out of my price range, what with starting at 1.5 million and all. I mean, I haven't even paid off my student debts yet. So anyway, after a nice chat which the info centre lady, mum and I wandered down a random street, which is where the getting lost started. We had a general idea of which direction to go to get home, but because the area is mainly parkland and hills, the paths are not straight grid form street patterns. We went down this windy road only to find ourselves further away from home. Stupid windy mountain roads. Halfway through, mum suggested we ring Dad to come and pick us up, but given we were lost, we can't exactly tell him where to pick us up from. And given it's a week day, there was no one on the roads, except for the odd cyclists who whooshed by before we were even aware they were there. Well, we eventually got home. Definitely got my week's dose of exercises. So not doing that again. Next time will stick to known routes.

Finally finished watching Ouran High Host Club. It is stupid but in a hilarious-not-so-annoying way. Really good to watch because it doens't require any brain work. It reminds me of the comedy portion of Fruits Basket, but never really gets too serious.

Also watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which was less entertaining. The movie's not bad, but the storyline's got no grip. Storyline's kinda predictable, and there were several WTH moments. The ending was also kinda like "Huh?! That's it?". Well, at least I can tick it off my ever-growing "to watch movies" list. I went on a mini DVD buying rampage from JB, and bought a bunch of movies which I've wanted to watch but never got around to watching, and also a couple of movies that I didn't want to watch, but bought anyway as it's like part of a deal (I'm a real sucker when it comes to these so-called deals, "buy 2 and get 1 free" always seems to be a tickler). =P

Nehoos, off to bed now. So so very tired......zzz


The world's gonna end!

Why do I say that? Coz today for the first time since I've started working, I managed to finish BEFORE MY ROSTERED FINISH TIME!! I clocked out at 5:30pm!! I was in surgery today, and OMG the hospital list was reduced to a point where there was no jobs to do!! XD This has never happened in my entire working history and I was convinced that the world's gonna end. Even consulting vets were really free and wandering around free.

There was this one vet who was bored and surfing on the web. Off handedly I glanced at her comp screen wondering what she was doing and she was googling something. Being my typical sticky-beak, I checked out what she was searching, and in the search box on Google.com, she had typed "Yahoo". O_o I was like, "Umm, did you just google yahoo?", and she replied, "Yeah, I always google yahoo." O_o. I think it took a couple of seconds for her to realise the irony and the redundancy of what she was doing. I mean I know we vets are not a great technologically advanced sub-species, but using a search engine to search for another search engine is just a classic. At least everyone got a good laugh out of it.

Am a little concerned about tomorrow and the day after though. Usually when things are this happy at the clinic, it's bound to turn sour. *fugitively looks around* I'm sure life's just waiting to spring it on to me now...


PG Bounces Back

Yes, last week was fairly bad. After that last post, I had an animal die under anaesthesia. I think that really was the rock bottom of suckiness. Had a complete breakdown at work, which was kinda embarassing. I think it was like one thing on top of another, which just piled up till the dam broke. And once the dam broke, there's nothing you can do till the pressure relieves itself. People at work kept on telling me how it wasn't my fault, and that these things happen under anaesthetic and everything, but still it didn't make me feel any less worthless. It felt like it was seriously a sign from above telling me I'm not meant to be a vet. To top if off, I came home from work to find a Melb Uni brochure waiting in my room, with details of how to apply for postgrad studies. I'm not the superstitious type, but geez it's an awful lot of incidences that seems to spell something out for me.

It didn't help that the owners of the animal that died under anaesthesia took the news really REALLY badly. Like threatening to sue and such, despite the fact that they signed a form that says they understand that there is always a risk with anaesthetics, and that their animal may pass away under anaesthetic. Oh well, I'll worry about that later when the time comes. At least if I get sued, I can have a valid reason for quitting this profession (plus declare bankrupcy).

Nehoos, luckily I had a day off after the incident, but the day was pretty melancholy, with some serious contemplation of quitting. This past weekend was my weekend on, so I really couldn't get away from work properly. Surprisingly though, working actually got me slightly over the depression slump. Guess with me being so preoccupied with the busy-ness of work, I had little time for melacholy thoughts. Also it helped that I had to anaesthetise another animal which thankfully survived the anaesthetic to full recovery. *whew*

Still I am actually contemplating doing something else with my life, but perhaps I'll stick with the profession a little bit longer.


In other news, I've finished watching Witchblade. I kinda really liked it. The story was heart warming, but not to the point of disgustingly soppy. The ending was not a happy one, but okay. Lots of unexplained things, but that's the way with a one season anime. Plus I found out that the Witchblade is actually American! It was originally an American comic, that was even adapted to an American TV series! 8D Except the story had nothing to do with the Japanese anime. But still, it's fairly rare for a western concept to be adapted to a Japanese one, usually it's the other way around (e.g. The Ring).

Had a work collegue wanting to swap weekend shifts with me. Looks like I might actually get the Manifest weekend free! But don't know about attending the convention though. Today was checking out the website for late reg prices, and noticed they've uploaded a preliminary schedule. Wasn't that exciting, but found this new comp called the Hare Hare Yukai Dance Competition. Out of curiosity went and read more about it. It's to do with this recently popular anime, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, or otherwise known as The Melacholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. It's actually fairly old now, more like end of last year, start of this year craze, but I've been out of the anime picture for a while. I found the song on YouTube (surprise) and it's really cool!

The song Hare Hare Yukai is the ending song, and they've actually animated the characters to be doing a cute dance to the song, with matching lip movements and everything. The choreograph is similar to that of Berry Koubou, and it almost feels like watching them but animated! lol It's gotten me interested in the anime, wonder how long it'd take to download on my dial up...*shudders*

Anyway, also found the live action human version of the song, perfomed by the voice actresses of the three characters from the anime - Hirano Aya (as Suzumiya Haruhi), Chihara Minori (as Nagato Yuki), and Gotou Yuuko (as Asahina Mikuru).

I can see why this song can set off a dancing craze, with people trying to learn the dance. I'd be tempted too if I was more coordinated. But as it is I think I'll just try to enjoy the show. This would be the one part of Manifest that I would really want to see.

To go or not to go, that is the question.


A sign from above

I shouldn't be a vet.

Today I found out that a mistake I made lead to one of my patients possibly suffering from a life long illness. And it was all just an honest mistake. A moment of not-thinking. A moment of doing-what-I'm-used-to-doing. And now I carry the guilt of knowing that a moment of mistake on my part lead to a monumental change for another life.

A person who's thoughtless as I should not be a vet.

For some weeks now I've actually been feeling quite down when it comes to work. It's no longer dread. It's dread mixed with something more, with resentment, with despair. Everyday I turn up to work feeling like I don't want to be there, yet I still plaster a smile on my face and pretend things are going okay. But they're not and this is a sign from above telling me that things are not okay. It's a sign telling me the same thing that's been hanging at the back of my mind - that I shouldn't be a vet. A person like me, who's prone to thoughtless actions, should not hold the responsibility of another life in my hands. No. I should just stick to brainless jobs like working at the cash register as a check-out chick. At least if I made a mistake, the most it's going to cost anyone is money. Money which probably won't be missed by anyone. Money that's not going to change the course of anyone's life. Money that's only an object, a thing, passive.

I kept asking myself why did I not just take a moment to think about what I was doing? Why did it not strike me to double check? Why? But in the end no amount of "why"s is going to change anything. I'll learn the lesson, but it's a costly lesson. It's a lesson that I would've rather learnt another way, with less dire consequences. But I suppose such is life. *sigh*


Random post

My eyebrow won't stop twitching. To be more specific, my left eyebrow, just near the centre. Makes me feel like a nervous person. Also makes me nervous when I'm with a client and my eyebrow twitches. I keep on thinking to myself "What if they think I'm nervous?", hence I become more nervous. It's a vicious cycle. Why am I posting about my eyebrow twitch? Because I'm bored. It's almost 10pm and I should really go to bed considering I have work tomorrow, but I don't want to, so instead I'm making a random blog post.

Work today was kind of depressing. It's my surgery day, which is usually my favourite day of the roster. There's no set schedule so I can leisurely do things at my own pace, well sort of. Usually in a day I manage to get 6 or 7 procedures done, usually a couple of speys and castrations plus one or two hospital jobs. Today I barely managed to finish my allocated desexings. Reason being I had a fat bitch spey who happens to be in season (for my non-vet friends, just skip this paragraph). I actually had 3 bitch speys and all of them just happen to be fatty, even the Whippet cross! (who would've thought). The lab and the whippet was okay, but the heeler cross (who's the in-heat dog) was just a disaster. The ovarian pedicle could not be stretched beyond 2mm, and on top of that, one had to work with a mass of fatty omentum blocking your surgical view. In the end one of my collegue had to scrub in to help me with the pedicles. Even then, the dog just bled like crazy. To think, I thought I was finally getting the hang of speying fat dogs, and this just totally annillates that theory. So yeah. They say practice makes perfect, but in the case of fat in-season bitch speys, you can never be perfect. Heck, with surgery, you can never be perfect. There's always a potential for disaster.

Started watching a new anime series called "Witchblade", thanks to my anime addicted nurse. The first episode looked quite interesting, the story being set in furture Tokyo, where global warming has obviously taken it's toll, and half of Tokyo is underwater. So far that's all I got. That and the fact that children have become scarce, and there's some creepy child protection societ that tries to take children off their parents. On top of that, you have this struggling single mum who just happened to be able to transform into some elite killing machine. O_o I'm sure the story will develop much more, but this is my current understanding of the series after watching 1 episode.

Nehoos, really should be heading off to bed. Think I'll read a little bit of Agatha Christie's "Hercule Poirot's Christmas" before going to bed. Hallo ~ murder mystery dreams!


Harry Potter and Dinner

It's Tightass Tuesday today for movies, and in true PG style, went to watch the 5th Harry Potter movie. From the previous movies, I wasn't really expecting too much, but it turned out a little better than I expected. I guess there was a reason why this movie was rated M, but I liked the acting a lot more. Finally these kids are learning some acting skills. However the heavy hyperventilation which seems to overtake Harry or Hermione seems a little excessive, especially when Hermione, feels like she's putting too much feeling into a small situation, hence appearing unnatural. Umbridge freaked me out a little with her smiles and laughs, and pissed me off about 5 minutes after her first appearance. Makes you just want to strangle her there and then at the start of the movie. I read the 5th book a long time ago, so I don't really remember how exactly she was described in the book, but I don't remember feeling this irritated by the character. But then again, I did read the book a while ago, and I'm not the best when it comes to information.

Afterwards went to dinner in one of the random restaurants downstairs. Had lamb souvalaki which was nice, was kinda on the sweet side which is the way I like my food. Had olives in my salad which I traded with my friend who didn't like her tomatoes. It's nice how things work out nicely like that.

My poor friend who I went to the movies with was hobbling on crutches coz she had a skii accident and possibly torn her knee ligaments. At the moment she's splintered up and walking around with crutches. Yet amazingly she still manages to drive around okay, and also manages to use the escalators better than I can with two functional legs. But then again I've never been a great one with coordination. I could unbalance from standing still (don't ask me how that works...). Nehoos, being the "considerate" friend I am, I tried not to be in the way of her crutches by walking slightly in front of her, which in hindsight was probably not very considerate, as everytime she advanced her crutches, it'd catch on my heels. ^_^||| In the end it worked out better that I was actually walking normally beside her. Guess me being considerate is probably in it's own way a danger to the world lol.

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