Watase Yuu's New Venture

One of my favourite shoujo mangaka is now trying her hand in yaoi. O_o Watase Yuu has started a new series called Sakura Gari, the first chapter was released in the July issue of RINKA (which coincidentally is the first issue of the magazine).

I mean her manga always had pretty boys in them, and I suppose there's plenty of fanfics/doujin comics out there involving male x male pairings, but I'd never thought she'd personally dip her pen in that pot. Not that I'm complaining mind you =P. Just slightly shocked.

The first chapter was just translated by Watase's Sorai. It was 100p long! Talk about a long chapter. The story was a little confusing though, probably partially due to the translation. There's promise in this story, but also lots of potential for angst. Reminds me of Ayashi no Ceres, when her style took a turn to the darker side.

Hmm...something interesting to keep an eye on...

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