Time flies...

Time flies when one's not doing much. I've come to the end of my 3-day break, and I so do not feel ready to face work again. That's the problem with breaks, at the end of it you never want to go back to actually doing things.

Today met up with a vet friend for some catchin' up with lunch and movies. Given it is the premiere of the Potter movie, we weren't too hopeful on getting tickets, especially at a cinema in the city. We med at 12:30, and the line at Hoyts was GI~~NORMOUS. I've never seen the queue so big! Not suprisingly the next session of HP was sold out, and the 2 following sessions were in yellow (meaning if we tried to get tickest, they'd probably be shotty seats). So anyway, we resolved to see Knocked Up instead. I could do with a laugh. So instead of lining up at the line, we decided to go for lunch instead and see how the queues look when we get back.
The lunch venue was Shanghai Dumplings. It's been a while since I've been there and the quality of the dumplings appear to be on the decline. At the entrance there's a sign saying they're hiring staff to make the dumplings, so maybe that's a reason. The taste of the dumpling filling is still pretty much the same, but the way they fried it was horrid. Like almost half cooked dumplings. Still, we managed fill the both of us up for under $15, which given it's in the city, is a pretty good deal.
The line was a little more reasonable when we got back. At least the line is within the barracades. Got our tickets, wandered around Melbourne Central a bit before the movie started. The most exciting find of the day was that the cinema snack bar now serve Newzealand Natural icecream! =D No more choc tops, you can now actually enjoy the movie with REAL icecream! Naturally I couldn't resist (no pun intended), so got meself some cookies and cream, with a dollop of cool bananas. I was happy.
The movie itself wasn't bad. Humour at some stages were fairly crude, but most were kind of entertaining. Not entirely sure why it's been getting the ratings that it had though. I mean it was a funny movie, with a happy ending and stuff, but if you actually ask me what's good about it, I couldn't really say much. Definitely a movie you'd want to rent on DVD instead of seeing on large screen.
Well, that was my day. In the morning went to the Darebin library to return my books. Got another bunch of Christie Agatha's Poirot books, but there wasn't anything else interesting, borrowed a bunch of DVDs, amongst which included Indianna Jones. Good old Harrison Ford, I'll be lookin' forward to some nostalgic catch-up this weekend.
*sigh* Back to work I go tomorrow. I don't know why I complain so much about work, but I just do. Starting to feel like an old nag......

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Dana said...

I think the main attraction to the Shanghai Dumpling places in China town is the price. The sure isn't for the nice decorations, seating, service or the cleanliness. Lol. Majority of the food also leave something to be desired. Although the steamed buns are usually pretty good. Guess that's what Shanghai is famous for...

We need to organise a steam bun/dumpling night now that I'm back. Let me know which upcoming Sundays you have free.

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