Survivor of a long working week

Am enjoying the first of a 3-day break. Well deserved after my 6-day week last week. It's normally my long week, but because I picked up someone else's shift, I ended up working 6 days last week. Out of curiousity I added the total number of hours I worked and OMG it was a grand total of 75.5 hours!!!!! O_O Not that I'm getting paid for all of those hours mind you. If you take away the unpaid-but-worked "breaks", and then the taxes, I'd bet what ends up in my bank account will be something meagre and make it totally not worth my while. Stupid tax system. Stupid unpaid-but-worked "breaks". *grrr*

On my one day off last week, apart from sleeping till midday, I went on a bit of a shopping splurge at Target. Actually all I really needed was lip balm, and ironically Target didn't sell the lip balm I wanted anyway. Ended up with a bunch of fairly useles things - 2 DVDs (Pirates 2, Milo and Otis), a Japanese cookbook, chocolate, green curry spice mix and 5 pairs of socks. Really really random. Apart from the socks which I actually need, everything else was pretty much impulse buying. I bought the Jap cookbook because it had a recipe for okonomiyaki. It's the first time I've seen a japanese cookbook with an okonomiyaki recipe, so I bought it. The Milo and Otis was purely due to an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. It's been so long since I last watched this cheesy talking animal movie, but it brings back a little bit of the good old days when I'd spend school holidays couped up at home, watching day time TV and daydreaming about what could lie in the future for me. Now holidays seem like wishful thinking, and the ability to daydream has been long lost.

More exciting news though, Robin Hobb has released a new book, "Renegade's Revenge" - book 3 of the soldier son trilogy 8D. It's been a while since any of my favourite authors have released anything. Doesn't help when one of your favourite author has a tendency to never finish her trilogy/chronicles. Recently I've started getting into Christie Agatha, and her Poirot series. I've always heard of Christie Agatha, but considering I didn't really enjoy reading Sherlock Holmes stories, I figured I'd probably not like hers. However, on a random channel surfing one night, I came upon ABC showing a Poirot story, and it was actually quite captivating. So I thought I'd give the books a go when I happend upon one in the library. I really like her writing style because it's easier to read than the Sherlock Holmes books. Also I find the character of Poirot and his big, immaculate moustache quite hilarious. The stories always have a nice twist in the ending, and most of the times it's unexpected.

Another thing I started reading recently is Megatokyo. It's an online comic that has a page updated regularly. However on my heavy download schedule and meagre dial-up bandwidth, I've never managed to follow the story properly. However, the other day I found a publicated manga in the library which compiles up the online comics, so naturally I thought I'd give it a go. It's this really ridiculous story based on some weird imagination, but set in the real city of Tokyo (sort of). There's multiple storylines going at the same time, and I love Largo, the insane, slightly-out-of-touch-with-reality, game/computer dude with his l33t talk. It's just hilarious what happens in the story that revolves around him. He also has this cute little hamster that is his conscience. You can read the comic online here. Check it out if you're ever bored and want something to read online. However it started back in 2001, so there's a huge back log of the story to read.

Nehoos, planning to use that green curry spice I bought the other day. Hopefully it'll turn out okay. If there are no more posts after this one, then it means either I've died from an overwhelmingly foul taste of the dish, or hospitalised for food poisoning. =P

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