Living on a banana and a packet of crackers......plus other rants

Had a horrid day at work yesterday. Seems like it's the horrid days that makes me feel like posting here. Wells it's one way of letting off the steam.

The day had the promise of being a good one. Had no hospital rounds to do, and all staff were on board. It all kinda turned sour around noon, when one after another the consults just ended up being hour-long, headache-inducing, multi-problem consults. Didn't help when several of the clients came in all aggro cause I've kept them waiting for an hour. Of course, then THEY proceed to conduct an hour long consult with me after ranting about how long they've had to wait. It's like......hello...doesn't logic strike you that just like you, other people can also take just as long a time with me, and perhaps THAT'S the reason why I'm running behind an hour? And now thanks to you, I'll be running behind TWO hours instead of one. So anyhoos, despite having other people help out with a couple of consults, I ended up having only a 15 minute break throughout the day to visit the toilet and chow down a banana and couple of crackers. Going from 7am (when I had my breakfast) to 11pm (when I got home to have dinner) with just a banana and a couple of crackers really isn't the best formulation for good health. By the end of the day I was aggro, had holes burning in my stomach, and my brain simply did not function.

This used to happen when I first started work at our hospital. I thought I'd gotten better than that, but evidently I was wrong. I guess I was under the illusion of getting things under control because on all the other days when I had appointments all day, I relied on some of them cancelling and also other people to helping me out. So in essence I haven't really gotten better at all. That's depressing. Seven months out and I'm still not able to keep up with the appointment schedules.

Work is starting to introduce a new graduate entry program. And seeing as at the moment I'm their one and only new graduate, I guess I'm their new guinea pig. Personally I think it's a bit beyond the point. I mean I've already survived through seven months without any special program, don't see how it's gonna change things now. But yeah, I just got told this two days ago, and the CEO said my mentor will contact me in a couple of days. Pft. Oh well, we'll see if it helps. I guess at least if we get the program properly established, the future generations of new grads coming to our hospital won't be put through what I and my predecessors had to go through.


In other news......am watching a new anime these days called Fate/Stay Night. Was lent to me by one of my nurses. It's nice how the love of anime seems to infiltrate into any profession and environment. The series itself is actually a bit old (think I heard about it last year). It's not bad. At least it's not one of those where I watch the first episode, scoff at it and never touch it again. However, I'm a bit confused because the translation was pretty shocky. I think it's one of those pirate HK DVDs, so the English translation is a bit dodgey. In many lines, they just replace the character name with aaa, or eee, which if I wasn't listening properly, would've just gotten over my head. Also because I can semi-understand some of the things they say, makes me even more critical of the translation provided.

All in all though, it's still quite enjoyable, although it's not something I'd be obsessed about. Am so not in touch with the anime scene these days. Have no idea about anything that's out. Although there's not that much to attract my attention. Makes me miss the old days when I used to obsess about Card Captor Sakura, or Fushigi Yuugi. Anime/manga these days are just not the same.


In other news, I've started doing crochet. Yes, I know it's an old lady pass time. And yes, it does make me feel geriatric. But it's actually quite fun!

Mum borrowed this chinese crochet book from the library, and it had some of the most fascinating patterns! Real potential for some creative work. So I started my had at crochet, and I kinda like it. Although it's time consuming. After doing one square of pattern, my eyes were really strained and so was my neck. The original intention was to do a scarf out of crochet patterns, but I can't see myself repeating this exercise so many times. Nehoos, thought I'd post a pick of the one pattern that I've done so far.

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Dana said...

Well at least your loosing weight, not that you need to. I never loose weight doing what I do. [types as she sits infront of the computer for the 5th hour in a row, eating chocolate: Dove milk chocolate, indulge in smooth and creamy].

I like your doile. As I was reading, I was thinking hmm... it'll take a long time before you get a blanket. But then you suggested scarf, so I guess that would take slightly less time... Good luck! haha. If you give up, you now have a hot drink coaster.

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