Friday the 13th

I never was too superstitious about Friday the 13th. Infact, I've always been optimistic and seen it as a day where mystical things may happen. Well, the fact that I'm sitting here, writing this entry at 1am on the morning of the 14th should say something of how my Friday the 13th went.

First shock of the day, we're one vet down. For some reason, management move a vet to another shift, which meant that only 2 vets (including myself) will finishing the day's walk-in consults. Okay, not so much of a panic, we can manage as long as the night stays relatively quiet.

Second shock of the day, the second vet who was meant to finish the day with me also called in sick. O_O Could feel panic mode starting to kick in. Okay, still okay, management will just have to get one of the locums in to replace the shift. It's still going to be okay.

Lunch time, management still haven't got anyone in. 3pm, still no one in. This is when panic mode starts screeching in my head.

I know it probably doesn't sound like much being left on your own. I'm sure many of my uni mates have done it, but in my practice, this just spells disaster. On one of the more busy nights, I have finished the night's walk-in consults at 10:30pm. This was with one other vet there finishing with me. So imagine, slow poke me, all by myself, on one of the nights where it's most likely to get busy, finishing the walk-in consults. I'd be there till daybreak the next day! There's something about Friday nights and people wanting to just squeeze in to that last minute before closing. Because you see, consults on a weekday is $33, whereas consults on a Saturday is $40. So to save $7, some people would rather see a vet on Friday night, or wait till Monday morning.

Anyhoos, luckily people pitied my state of constant moaning, so management managed (haha) to guilt-trip one of the senior vets (who mind you started at 8am) to finish the day with me. I felt so sorry for him, but at the same time, much relieved that I won't be left alone. Reception also helped by letting in only the ones requiring immediate attention. Still, walk-ins didn't finish till 8pm. AND on top of it all, had 2 FB obstructions in a row!! What are the chances of getting 2 FBs within an hour of each other?! Nehoos, seeing as I'm still the new grad, sx was slightly out of the question for me, mainly because if I do the surgery, chances are I'd have to get someone else to scrub in with me, where as if another vet does the sx, they can do it themselves, and I can continue with the walk-ins. Turned out the first dog had a linear FB, and so did the second! Well, the second didn't got to sx, because at that point it was already 9pm, the first FB sx was well into it's 3rd hour, and there'd be no way it could be done tonight. Owners couldn't afford transfer to a 24 hour clinic, so the cat just has to stay on IVF and wait the night before sx. Hope it survives the night.

So, finished walk-ins, thought I'd radiograph this kitten I admitted during the day. We thought it might have had a fracture as owners thought it was hit by a car. The xray developer decided to play dead just as we took the xray, so that was a bit of a nuisance. Then, as I was clipping up the matted fur on it's side, found it actually had a large gash underneath. I think the kitten was actually attacked by another animal. So anyhoos, the radiograph turned into a EUGA and stitch up. Yay. (note the sarcasm). The bite went through a couple of layers of muscle, but not through to the body cavity, which was a relief. Stitched that up, meanwhile still trying to get the xray developer to work. Eventually it did, and spat out this mangled looking xray. Couldn't see anything wrong with the bones, but then again, I did a cat-o-gram, which has the potential to be non-specific.

Finished the day with ringing up owners, then typed up the consult seen throughout the day. Managed to get out 3 minutes before midnight. Woo hoo! Hope I haven't forgotten to do anything though... =P

So now I've had dinner, and thought I'd waste some time on the net before showering and going to sleep. Although, strangely enough, I actually feel quite invigorated now that I've done my complaining. Are the magical healing powers of complaining...

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