The Adventrues of Milo and Otis

Just finished watching The Adventures of Milo and Otis, and came to the realisation that the movie was originally JAPANESE! @_@

Apparently the movie was shot originally in Kitakyushu in Japan, and released in Japan as Koneko Monogatari in 1986. Then Columbia westernised, revamped and edited the thing and released it with added music and English narratives as The Adventures of Milo and Otis in 1989. And here I thought the concept of Westerners releasing an Asian title under a different name was a recent fad. =P Well, I suppose at least with Milo and Otis the clips were still original, but just edited a bit more. Makes me want to watch the original Jap release now.

It's amazing though. What I originally always thought of as US/Canadian scenery was actually Japanese. The only thing that I thought was even remotely Japanese looking was the odd cherry blossom seen near the end. Well, just shows what I know......

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