Watase Yuu's New Venture

One of my favourite shoujo mangaka is now trying her hand in yaoi. O_o Watase Yuu has started a new series called Sakura Gari, the first chapter was released in the July issue of RINKA (which coincidentally is the first issue of the magazine).

I mean her manga always had pretty boys in them, and I suppose there's plenty of fanfics/doujin comics out there involving male x male pairings, but I'd never thought she'd personally dip her pen in that pot. Not that I'm complaining mind you =P. Just slightly shocked.

The first chapter was just translated by Watase's Sorai. It was 100p long! Talk about a long chapter. The story was a little confusing though, probably partially due to the translation. There's promise in this story, but also lots of potential for angst. Reminds me of Ayashi no Ceres, when her style took a turn to the darker side.

Hmm...something interesting to keep an eye on...


Living on a banana and a packet of crackers......plus other rants

Had a horrid day at work yesterday. Seems like it's the horrid days that makes me feel like posting here. Wells it's one way of letting off the steam.

The day had the promise of being a good one. Had no hospital rounds to do, and all staff were on board. It all kinda turned sour around noon, when one after another the consults just ended up being hour-long, headache-inducing, multi-problem consults. Didn't help when several of the clients came in all aggro cause I've kept them waiting for an hour. Of course, then THEY proceed to conduct an hour long consult with me after ranting about how long they've had to wait. It's like......hello...doesn't logic strike you that just like you, other people can also take just as long a time with me, and perhaps THAT'S the reason why I'm running behind an hour? And now thanks to you, I'll be running behind TWO hours instead of one. So anyhoos, despite having other people help out with a couple of consults, I ended up having only a 15 minute break throughout the day to visit the toilet and chow down a banana and couple of crackers. Going from 7am (when I had my breakfast) to 11pm (when I got home to have dinner) with just a banana and a couple of crackers really isn't the best formulation for good health. By the end of the day I was aggro, had holes burning in my stomach, and my brain simply did not function.

This used to happen when I first started work at our hospital. I thought I'd gotten better than that, but evidently I was wrong. I guess I was under the illusion of getting things under control because on all the other days when I had appointments all day, I relied on some of them cancelling and also other people to helping me out. So in essence I haven't really gotten better at all. That's depressing. Seven months out and I'm still not able to keep up with the appointment schedules.

Work is starting to introduce a new graduate entry program. And seeing as at the moment I'm their one and only new graduate, I guess I'm their new guinea pig. Personally I think it's a bit beyond the point. I mean I've already survived through seven months without any special program, don't see how it's gonna change things now. But yeah, I just got told this two days ago, and the CEO said my mentor will contact me in a couple of days. Pft. Oh well, we'll see if it helps. I guess at least if we get the program properly established, the future generations of new grads coming to our hospital won't be put through what I and my predecessors had to go through.


In other news......am watching a new anime these days called Fate/Stay Night. Was lent to me by one of my nurses. It's nice how the love of anime seems to infiltrate into any profession and environment. The series itself is actually a bit old (think I heard about it last year). It's not bad. At least it's not one of those where I watch the first episode, scoff at it and never touch it again. However, I'm a bit confused because the translation was pretty shocky. I think it's one of those pirate HK DVDs, so the English translation is a bit dodgey. In many lines, they just replace the character name with aaa, or eee, which if I wasn't listening properly, would've just gotten over my head. Also because I can semi-understand some of the things they say, makes me even more critical of the translation provided.

All in all though, it's still quite enjoyable, although it's not something I'd be obsessed about. Am so not in touch with the anime scene these days. Have no idea about anything that's out. Although there's not that much to attract my attention. Makes me miss the old days when I used to obsess about Card Captor Sakura, or Fushigi Yuugi. Anime/manga these days are just not the same.


In other news, I've started doing crochet. Yes, I know it's an old lady pass time. And yes, it does make me feel geriatric. But it's actually quite fun!

Mum borrowed this chinese crochet book from the library, and it had some of the most fascinating patterns! Real potential for some creative work. So I started my had at crochet, and I kinda like it. Although it's time consuming. After doing one square of pattern, my eyes were really strained and so was my neck. The original intention was to do a scarf out of crochet patterns, but I can't see myself repeating this exercise so many times. Nehoos, thought I'd post a pick of the one pattern that I've done so far.


Friday the 13th

I never was too superstitious about Friday the 13th. Infact, I've always been optimistic and seen it as a day where mystical things may happen. Well, the fact that I'm sitting here, writing this entry at 1am on the morning of the 14th should say something of how my Friday the 13th went.

First shock of the day, we're one vet down. For some reason, management move a vet to another shift, which meant that only 2 vets (including myself) will finishing the day's walk-in consults. Okay, not so much of a panic, we can manage as long as the night stays relatively quiet.

Second shock of the day, the second vet who was meant to finish the day with me also called in sick. O_O Could feel panic mode starting to kick in. Okay, still okay, management will just have to get one of the locums in to replace the shift. It's still going to be okay.

Lunch time, management still haven't got anyone in. 3pm, still no one in. This is when panic mode starts screeching in my head.

I know it probably doesn't sound like much being left on your own. I'm sure many of my uni mates have done it, but in my practice, this just spells disaster. On one of the more busy nights, I have finished the night's walk-in consults at 10:30pm. This was with one other vet there finishing with me. So imagine, slow poke me, all by myself, on one of the nights where it's most likely to get busy, finishing the walk-in consults. I'd be there till daybreak the next day! There's something about Friday nights and people wanting to just squeeze in to that last minute before closing. Because you see, consults on a weekday is $33, whereas consults on a Saturday is $40. So to save $7, some people would rather see a vet on Friday night, or wait till Monday morning.

Anyhoos, luckily people pitied my state of constant moaning, so management managed (haha) to guilt-trip one of the senior vets (who mind you started at 8am) to finish the day with me. I felt so sorry for him, but at the same time, much relieved that I won't be left alone. Reception also helped by letting in only the ones requiring immediate attention. Still, walk-ins didn't finish till 8pm. AND on top of it all, had 2 FB obstructions in a row!! What are the chances of getting 2 FBs within an hour of each other?! Nehoos, seeing as I'm still the new grad, sx was slightly out of the question for me, mainly because if I do the surgery, chances are I'd have to get someone else to scrub in with me, where as if another vet does the sx, they can do it themselves, and I can continue with the walk-ins. Turned out the first dog had a linear FB, and so did the second! Well, the second didn't got to sx, because at that point it was already 9pm, the first FB sx was well into it's 3rd hour, and there'd be no way it could be done tonight. Owners couldn't afford transfer to a 24 hour clinic, so the cat just has to stay on IVF and wait the night before sx. Hope it survives the night.

So, finished walk-ins, thought I'd radiograph this kitten I admitted during the day. We thought it might have had a fracture as owners thought it was hit by a car. The xray developer decided to play dead just as we took the xray, so that was a bit of a nuisance. Then, as I was clipping up the matted fur on it's side, found it actually had a large gash underneath. I think the kitten was actually attacked by another animal. So anyhoos, the radiograph turned into a EUGA and stitch up. Yay. (note the sarcasm). The bite went through a couple of layers of muscle, but not through to the body cavity, which was a relief. Stitched that up, meanwhile still trying to get the xray developer to work. Eventually it did, and spat out this mangled looking xray. Couldn't see anything wrong with the bones, but then again, I did a cat-o-gram, which has the potential to be non-specific.

Finished the day with ringing up owners, then typed up the consult seen throughout the day. Managed to get out 3 minutes before midnight. Woo hoo! Hope I haven't forgotten to do anything though... =P

So now I've had dinner, and thought I'd waste some time on the net before showering and going to sleep. Although, strangely enough, I actually feel quite invigorated now that I've done my complaining. Are the magical healing powers of complaining...


Time flies...

Time flies when one's not doing much. I've come to the end of my 3-day break, and I so do not feel ready to face work again. That's the problem with breaks, at the end of it you never want to go back to actually doing things.

Today met up with a vet friend for some catchin' up with lunch and movies. Given it is the premiere of the Potter movie, we weren't too hopeful on getting tickets, especially at a cinema in the city. We med at 12:30, and the line at Hoyts was GI~~NORMOUS. I've never seen the queue so big! Not suprisingly the next session of HP was sold out, and the 2 following sessions were in yellow (meaning if we tried to get tickest, they'd probably be shotty seats). So anyway, we resolved to see Knocked Up instead. I could do with a laugh. So instead of lining up at the line, we decided to go for lunch instead and see how the queues look when we get back.
The lunch venue was Shanghai Dumplings. It's been a while since I've been there and the quality of the dumplings appear to be on the decline. At the entrance there's a sign saying they're hiring staff to make the dumplings, so maybe that's a reason. The taste of the dumpling filling is still pretty much the same, but the way they fried it was horrid. Like almost half cooked dumplings. Still, we managed fill the both of us up for under $15, which given it's in the city, is a pretty good deal.
The line was a little more reasonable when we got back. At least the line is within the barracades. Got our tickets, wandered around Melbourne Central a bit before the movie started. The most exciting find of the day was that the cinema snack bar now serve Newzealand Natural icecream! =D No more choc tops, you can now actually enjoy the movie with REAL icecream! Naturally I couldn't resist (no pun intended), so got meself some cookies and cream, with a dollop of cool bananas. I was happy.
The movie itself wasn't bad. Humour at some stages were fairly crude, but most were kind of entertaining. Not entirely sure why it's been getting the ratings that it had though. I mean it was a funny movie, with a happy ending and stuff, but if you actually ask me what's good about it, I couldn't really say much. Definitely a movie you'd want to rent on DVD instead of seeing on large screen.
Well, that was my day. In the morning went to the Darebin library to return my books. Got another bunch of Christie Agatha's Poirot books, but there wasn't anything else interesting, borrowed a bunch of DVDs, amongst which included Indianna Jones. Good old Harrison Ford, I'll be lookin' forward to some nostalgic catch-up this weekend.
*sigh* Back to work I go tomorrow. I don't know why I complain so much about work, but I just do. Starting to feel like an old nag......


The Adventrues of Milo and Otis

Just finished watching The Adventures of Milo and Otis, and came to the realisation that the movie was originally JAPANESE! @_@

Apparently the movie was shot originally in Kitakyushu in Japan, and released in Japan as Koneko Monogatari in 1986. Then Columbia westernised, revamped and edited the thing and released it with added music and English narratives as The Adventures of Milo and Otis in 1989. And here I thought the concept of Westerners releasing an Asian title under a different name was a recent fad. =P Well, I suppose at least with Milo and Otis the clips were still original, but just edited a bit more. Makes me want to watch the original Jap release now.

It's amazing though. What I originally always thought of as US/Canadian scenery was actually Japanese. The only thing that I thought was even remotely Japanese looking was the odd cherry blossom seen near the end. Well, just shows what I know......

Survivor of a long working week

Am enjoying the first of a 3-day break. Well deserved after my 6-day week last week. It's normally my long week, but because I picked up someone else's shift, I ended up working 6 days last week. Out of curiousity I added the total number of hours I worked and OMG it was a grand total of 75.5 hours!!!!! O_O Not that I'm getting paid for all of those hours mind you. If you take away the unpaid-but-worked "breaks", and then the taxes, I'd bet what ends up in my bank account will be something meagre and make it totally not worth my while. Stupid tax system. Stupid unpaid-but-worked "breaks". *grrr*

On my one day off last week, apart from sleeping till midday, I went on a bit of a shopping splurge at Target. Actually all I really needed was lip balm, and ironically Target didn't sell the lip balm I wanted anyway. Ended up with a bunch of fairly useles things - 2 DVDs (Pirates 2, Milo and Otis), a Japanese cookbook, chocolate, green curry spice mix and 5 pairs of socks. Really really random. Apart from the socks which I actually need, everything else was pretty much impulse buying. I bought the Jap cookbook because it had a recipe for okonomiyaki. It's the first time I've seen a japanese cookbook with an okonomiyaki recipe, so I bought it. The Milo and Otis was purely due to an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. It's been so long since I last watched this cheesy talking animal movie, but it brings back a little bit of the good old days when I'd spend school holidays couped up at home, watching day time TV and daydreaming about what could lie in the future for me. Now holidays seem like wishful thinking, and the ability to daydream has been long lost.

More exciting news though, Robin Hobb has released a new book, "Renegade's Revenge" - book 3 of the soldier son trilogy 8D. It's been a while since any of my favourite authors have released anything. Doesn't help when one of your favourite author has a tendency to never finish her trilogy/chronicles. Recently I've started getting into Christie Agatha, and her Poirot series. I've always heard of Christie Agatha, but considering I didn't really enjoy reading Sherlock Holmes stories, I figured I'd probably not like hers. However, on a random channel surfing one night, I came upon ABC showing a Poirot story, and it was actually quite captivating. So I thought I'd give the books a go when I happend upon one in the library. I really like her writing style because it's easier to read than the Sherlock Holmes books. Also I find the character of Poirot and his big, immaculate moustache quite hilarious. The stories always have a nice twist in the ending, and most of the times it's unexpected.

Another thing I started reading recently is Megatokyo. It's an online comic that has a page updated regularly. However on my heavy download schedule and meagre dial-up bandwidth, I've never managed to follow the story properly. However, the other day I found a publicated manga in the library which compiles up the online comics, so naturally I thought I'd give it a go. It's this really ridiculous story based on some weird imagination, but set in the real city of Tokyo (sort of). There's multiple storylines going at the same time, and I love Largo, the insane, slightly-out-of-touch-with-reality, game/computer dude with his l33t talk. It's just hilarious what happens in the story that revolves around him. He also has this cute little hamster that is his conscience. You can read the comic online here. Check it out if you're ever bored and want something to read online. However it started back in 2001, so there's a huge back log of the story to read.

Nehoos, planning to use that green curry spice I bought the other day. Hopefully it'll turn out okay. If there are no more posts after this one, then it means either I've died from an overwhelmingly foul taste of the dish, or hospitalised for food poisoning. =P



Learnt a new word today.

This morning was all fun and excitement. The computer network at the work place had a meltdown, which pretty much put the place in a complete standstill. It's always so much fun (maybe not afterwards, when the sytem comes back on and everyone rushes to do the rounds they should have done hours ago). I was rostered on to surgery today, and given the lack of access to the hospital list, it was all a bit of a mess.

So one of nurses commented, "It's all a bit of a schemozzle, really...", and I was like, "Pft, schemozzle, don't think that's really a word..." (I have my perculiarities about using words that are not actual words). This remark was universally contradicted by the rest of my work collegues.

Lo and behold, on dictionary.com, schemozzles is a word, and it means:

(Yiddish) a confused situation or affair; a mess

Well, so much for what I know. Although arguably, the word was not in my "Oxford Schoolmate Dictionary" (yes I think it's time to buy myself a decent English dictionary...).

Oh and I had to search what Yiddish meant as well *sweat*. It's apparently:

a High German language with an admixture of vocabulary from Hebrew and the Slavic languages, written in Hebrew letters, and spoken mainly by Jews in eastern and central Europe and by Jewish emigrants from these regions and their descendants.

*sigh* The joys of English...
The rest of the day didn't go so well. The last job I picked up was a dental with extraction of an upper carnassial tooth that's fractured. Removing the otherwise healthy teeth was really REALLY painfully tedious. Spent an hour and a half digging and loosening those periodontal ligaments, only at the end to have one of the roots fracture off anyway. In my short 6-month career I have come to dislike dentals with a passion. So far all of the dentals I've done have never been straight forward scale and polish, somehow it always ended up with me wrestling with a particularly stubborn tooth which I must remove.

Nehoos, better go and get some beauty sleep. In my infinite wisdom, I picked up one of my work collegues shift for tomorrow, which means no break before the weekend of hell to mentally prepare myself. *shudders* And working 4 days in a row (meaning doing 48 hours or more) at my work place is bound to drive me insane......I'll probably be singing the happy vegemite song by Sunday. *hum hum hum*


Manifest Program Book Cover Entry

Nehoos, here's the pic I drew for Manifest Program Book cover comp. And it didn't get selected. Boo~ =P Guess I'll have to actually pay for entry now lol.

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