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So life goes on as usual......nothing much special to post...

The other day I watched this random DVD I borrowed from the library called "Tess of the D'Ubervilles". It's an adaption of the book of the same name, written by Thomas Hardy. The thing that tempted me to pick up this miscellaneous title was the fact that the story was set in the old English times. Yes, I have a strange addiciton to them classical English costumes.

Nehoos, the story was a tragedy, of a young girl called Tess Duberfield, and how the inevitability of fate led to her eventural demise. It's heart wretching to watch the turn of events, to watch her change from a naive, innocent country girl, to an eventual killer. All she wanted was to be happy, but the 2 guys who shaped her life were just total idiots! The first was an arrogant bastard who just wanted to possess her, the second was an idealistic airhead whose intolerance of Tess's past was just infuriating. Many times throughout the story, one could not help but moan at the turn of events, and whishing it could be changed.

Well, the movie went a bit longer than anticipted. The back of the cover said it was only 170 minutes, but it went on for at least 4 hours (great use of my time off eh?). It was definitely better than I had anticipated, and now I'm tempted to read the the actual book. It's nice finally finding another author that I'd like to read, seeing as none of my usual preferred authors are releasing anything new. And it'd prevent me from reading "Pride and Prejudice" for the umpteenth time.
Work has been kind of a rollercoaster ride, as usual. Just when you thought you had things under control, something happens to throw you way out of whack.

I had my first tom-cat "spey" yesterday. Yes, I opened up a male cat, and after half an hour of hunting for the non-existent uterus, found out that "she" was actually a "he". It didn't help that the cat was long-haired and the testicles were well hidden from view. Guess that's the trouble with cats, males can deceptively appear like females unless looked at closely. Let's hope it's the only time it'll ever happen again in my professional life. Well, another lesson learnt for the future, never trust the records, always check everytime.
On a more exciting note, this year I may actually make it to Manifest! Originally Manifest falls on my weekend on, however, yesterday a work collegue asked if I wanted to swap a weekend with him. Amazingly the weekend he wants to change is in September! Maybe it's a sign from above that I was meant to go. Although, I don't know if he wanted to swap the entire weekend or just the Saturday...hmmm......well, guess I'll have to ask agin....

However, if I changed the weekend with him, the it would mean that I would work 6 days in a row! *sweats* I can barely tolerate working 3 days in a row...don't know if I'd be able to survive 6 days in a row. Oh well, we'll see.

Also my attempt at trying to score a free weekend pass to Manifest is not going so well. The program book cover comp is due in 1 week's time, and the work is still in the initial stages of creation *cringe*. Guess there's minimal chance that I'm gonna finish it on time. Maybe for next year.......*scratch scratch*
Today's a day of rest before the weekend of hell. Slept till 10:30am, and then got up and played FFX till now. Another day wasted. Yay......

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Dana said...

Have you seen the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice? That's as close as I've gotten to the book. Yes, I did cry in it. I liked it very much. But I don't think I'm quite ready to read the book yet. Haha. I'm not big on reading.

If you haven't seen it I gave a it to Zhe (cause he likes romantic sappy stuff) and now it's in Mat's hands.

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