a new begining

In my infinite boredom, I have started a new blog.

Well, it's not really a new blog, more like a move of my current blog. I've been meaning to move my blog from livespace.com for a while now, reason being that it just takes too long for the pages to load. Whenever I want to make any changes, it takes 5 minutes to do an action, and then another 5 minutes for me to undo it. Given how often I change my mind, it was starting to get just a little frustrating.

So anyhoos, decided to give Blogger a go, seeing as I already have a gmail account. Hopefully it's going to be a little faster to use on my lowly dial-up connection. So far it's looking quite promising, considering the pages managed to load even though I have my bittorrent running in the background.

Well, I'll have a little play around and see how things go.

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